Unranked+Ranked Mode Options, What Do You Guys Think?

I want to see an option for the game to play unranked and ranked matches. I’m aware that we can play Custom games with a group of 5 and have the same thing but as an option for those that can’t get a group of 5 I want to see something like this implemented. Now I know there are few old threads on this but I wanted to suggest my own ideas on how this could work.

Unranked Mode: A fun carefree way to play the game. No leaderboard progression or statistics will be recorded but mastery can be rewarded and used. Player rank is not a factor and no progression is made. If in a party you could potentially be the Monster if set as you’re number one preference. Offers practice with other players of different skill levels without worry or too much tension and it’s better than playing against AI which don’t have the same thought process as players. Also great to learn to play different roles, characters, new unlocks, and different perks for the game (all players have access to the 3 star version of perks in this mode).
Edit: There’s no punishment for leaving games in unranked mode.

Ranked Mode: Basically the same system we currently have but maybe a few potential differences. Potentially new leaderboards for Overall Monster, Overall Assault, Overall Support, Overall Medic, and Overall Trapper on top of the current character based leaderboards.

This is just an idea I was tossing around in my head and wanted to see what you guys thought would be good and bad with this. I’m open to any suggestions.



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What separates Ranked from Unranked, in terms of accessibility? Like, do I have to be level 40 to access Ranked? Have won X games? Elited X characters? Not quit X games in X length of time?

Also, how does Ranked not become what the matchmaking is right now, in the future? In time, the unskilled people will be able to join Ranked, but they won’t be as skilled as those that have playing it for a longer time, and you will still get trolls, try hards, and other people who will purposely ruin your experience. How do you effectively keep them out? If you can’t, what’s the point of Ranked mode?

These are just General questions I feel aren’t being considered in making this new mode.

Also, mastery progress shouldn’t improve in Ranked, so the trolls and bad players have less to show for their efforts.

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Idk more on the ranked side of things I just wanna see the option to play the game without caring for losses which I think should decrease the amount of games being left. And both would be accessible from the start but throughout multiple offenses in ranked there could be potential suspensions based on the severity and repetitiveness of the offense. So if a player leaves like 10 games in a row they can’t play ranked for maybe 12 hours? Just food for thought nothing has to be written in stone and we’re just talking theoretically right now.

And mastery should still count and work in ranked as that’s something separate from level and doesn’t make a HUGE difference in the game just usually if you have an elite character it’s theoretically 10% than an non-elite version and has a nice skin. And the ranked matchmaking system currently takes account into level, win-to-loss ratio, and the amount of wins I believe. If it doesn’t then that matchmaking system would be ideal.

And ranked would be the only place to rank up so like I said previously both would be accessible right away.

I meant that Mastery doesn’t increase. If you’re at the first level for a character, playing in Ranked does not improve that whatsoever. You have to return to some Non-Ranked form of playing to progress that, cause based on your changes, Ranked is exactly the matchmaking we have now.

Available from the start: means the bad players can still get in without improving at all
Quitting games effects your Rank: I agree with this, but it just entices people to idle more now than before, unless idles are going to get auto-booted from matches in the future
W/L ratio affecting your Rank: a step in the right direction, but I still have some complaints with this. I’ve been up for almost 24 hours, so I’ll have to work on those reasons later.
Continual improving of Mastery: people are going to focus on improving their Masteries, in Ranked, rather than actual teamwork. Exactly like they already do in matchmaking.
Level determining Rank: Level rarely means skill, in any game. It’s just a measure of how much you play. As long as you win any match, you get 700 points right there (500 for winning, 200 for completing), with Evacuation rewarding extra.

The one who suffers the most is them. Yeah there team can suffer too you could argue but I’m sure if there was a system like this in place most pugs would play unranked and you’d see mainly groups in ranked. A potential fix could be hunters can only be groups of 4 but that could get annoying and potentially disliked.

I don’t think idle should be an option in ranked because if you’re gonna play a high risk game it should be you not an AI.

Ideally most masteries are gained through playing like you should and all the ones that require you to play a bit differently than you should CAN be completed in ranked but probably SHOULD be completed in unranked. I see what your point is but I don’t think taking away a reward for playing ranked would be fair as it’s the higher risk gameplay.

With this unranked/ranked system it would indicate how much you play in ranked only and yeah it doesn’t display skill which is why the other factors would be there for matchmaking and leaderboards would still be based on wins not player level.

I would want the ability to be matched up against non-elite hunters as a monster, and vice versa. Trying to break in a new monster against 4x elites every round sucks. I don’t know how anyone could buy evolve today, jump into a match as a monster and have a good time. Player level means nothing. Elite status does. Just because I’m level 40 doesn’t mean I’m super. I have maybe 2 or 3 elites. I should be teamed up with/against similar tiered players.

I think that in the unranked que you should have a filter that you can use, I.E No Maggies, or Kraken.

Just sayin’

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This will aid us. :lazarus_cute:

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If that is not enough, feel free to die!

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don’t need the unranked mode as the ranked mode would suffice. the people who are playing carefree(i.e fun) would be matched up together anyway, provided the matchmaking is done correctly

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