Unpopular Opinion. Lower attack speed and higher damage for Kraken range attack


Right now it’s still attacking a very fast rate though at ticklish form of damage it is still constant. EDIT: A lot of people dislike the spammy nature of the basic attack for some reason.

Don’t know how a lot of people will feel about this. But I’m think we should re-look his range attack.

I’d like for it to fire at say 50% slower rate so they can’t destroy every deployable on the ground but increase their damage enough that they can take more focused deployable like Sunny’s Drone, Markov’s Mines, Caira’s awesome healing rate, and maybe even Bucket’s turrets.


I honestly think Kraken is fine as is, no changes needed. I’ve never had too much of an issue versing a Kraken.


Honestly, if we were to change Kraken I would dis-allow his ranged auto-attacks from interrupting the revival process. I mean, he is able to safely prevent a downed hunter from being picked up by just pelting them with those things until it dies.

Where as with other monsters, body camping costs health.


Body Camping with Kraken still costs life. The thing about Kraken is if he is focusing on slowly killing a downed player EVERYONE else has free reign for headshot damage. If Kraken moves off the body on the ground, pick him/her up. Kraken is just as punishable as anyone else.