Unplayable Graphic bug since NVIDIA Update (Resolved)

Hello, since the Nvidia geforce update 368.81 I am unable to play the game. When I play Monster, the screen stays the same, but I can still hear sound effects like I would be moving or attacking. It happens online and offline, Monster and Hunter.
Using Windows 8.1
evga gtx 970
i7 6700 something skylake
8gb ram
playing in 1980x1080

I never had any problems with this game graphic wise, but since I updated my nvdia drivers its unplayable.

On a side not I should mention that for some reason I lost my whole program folder with games and installed software for some reason and had to re-install.
I have installed 2 times since the bug has happened, tried to change graphic settings for the game but nothing has worked so far.

I would advise that you roll your drivers back temporarily. @MrStrategio you guys are still working with Nvidia with these kind of problems right?

Thank you for your help. I went back to update 368.69 Unfortunately the problems still persists. All I see is the first pictures you see in a game with heavy flickering, as Monster I see myself eating the first meal, I can move and jump from what I can tell by listening to the ingame sounds, but the screen stays the same. As Hunter, I see the inside of the ship with flickering screen but nothing else.

For things that involve heavy flickering in-game, we have solution posted about that here:

Check where it mentions to delete your user data and see if that helps to resolve the issue.
If not, check out the other steps as well and report back here with any additional info what you have tried out so far.

I downloaded the program to delete my user Data and now everything is working smoothly again! Thank you very much! :monster:


Yay, another person’s technical issue resolved! :joy: