Unofficial BUG Report Thread. Report your bugs here!


mod closed the topic instead of contacting me for a simple Title change, thanks! I’ll remake this thread with the old Title I had. + 1 Sledge Painter, thanks =D I’m actually very pleased to see mods doing a great job.

Xbox One, Shadows, Sound
Xbox one. sound keeps going out!
Game crashes by random freezes

First link doesnt work


Right, thanks for pointing that out. Fixed it just now!


Post all your bugs in here and I’ll edit it in


The Moderators set up an official bug reporting thread in the Hub:

Just go to “Bug Reporting” and post there. All the devs are prowling there, looking for more bugs to squash, so I suggest doing that.



That, and generally posting in the Bug Report Category. I’m actually very pleased to see so many people using the forums so well!