Unoffical Turnament Play- Evolve Stage 2


Ideas on how Evolve Stage 2 Competitive Turnaments should work yes my spelling is shit

How i think it should work-

-it should be played in a 2 week span.
-there should be MLG and Unoffical
-consist of 6-10 teams of 5, 1 monster and 4 hunters no shit
-should be played in brackets See EX
-Team ammount can be odd or even, but if it is odd one team will get a BY
-2 games would be played. 1 with the teams monster and other teams hunters, then fliped. if its a tie then RNG will decide what team’s monster plays next.


but thats just my idea. i look forward to seeing yours :yum:


would you mind clarifying on the bracket style? its unclear in text form.

MS Paint?


yes sorry XD


It is a masterpeice ik XD


sorry, i dont see anything unique here… Looks like Single Elimination… With Random Draft Seeding.

(its been done a few times…)

What am i missing??


nothing its just a basic idea. there can be many more ideas, this is just my basic, start of the post sort of idea XD