Unnecessary nerfs/buffs ruining decent gameplay


I have played this game since the start and have played it constantly now a lvl 40 and workin on my elite skills, now i see turtle rock introducing nerfs upon nerfs to monsters and hunters that in my opinion were right where they shud have been. If this game become all about invincible hunters against 1 average monster then im sorry but i will be trading this game in for something else worth my time. Its been ages since ive genuinely considered ditching a game that i loved but this is turning into something that i wouldnt have played in the first place had i known.


They have the numbers, and some things really did need to be changed. The game will be fine, and I think now we will see more monster buffs. With the micropatching system this game will be fine.


I agree sadly, and I’ll say this the “bad players” who just dont have the skill to win will just complain till it gets nerfed to their skill level ruining the game for top players


Yeah i get that some things need nerfing and changing but it seems like turtle rock will just listen to any problem people have i mean, look at wraith it was fast and had high damage, but it is squishy and cant handle itself in long fights against a decent team of hunters. the game wasnt marketted as a balanced symmetrical game it was designed to be a 4 v 1 thats 4 weaker hunters that can outwit 1 monster with the strength which i found easy to do now that monsters have thier nerfs and more to come i dont see this as a challenge anymore its like hunting any crappy beast now…


Well they nerfed the Wraith because it had around 60% win ratio. I do think they did to much to the wraith, but they can just as easily buff the Wraith. They said when the game came out it would need balance changes, and it would take time to get the numbers right.


They just nerfed its supernova and mobility stuff and they are now talking about nerfing it again in an upcoming patch so knock that 60 down to like 30 id say. Wraiths becoming something it wasnt designed to be… Which is a slow, weak, easy to hit monster, that nobody will enjoy


They nerfed Cabot cause he was doing too much damage with his railgun and people weren’t using the rest of his kit because of it.

Griffin desperately needed that buff to his soundspikes because he was absolutely useless at finding the monster. Hydes toxic grenades were essentially worse than useless due to low damage and no proximity detonation


I still think the supernova nerf was a buff. You lose duration, but it’s already a really strong attack that didn’t need all that duration. Helps with the idea of hit and run gameplay. I also haven’t heard anything about any more nerfs? I heard the devs say they where really only looking at behemoth this next micropatch.


Current upcoming nerfs are to all hunters, all monsters except the goliath in some way
Monster are;
Kraken to have longer casting on lightning strike
Wraith to be slowed and further nerfed on abilities
behemoth to loose roll damage
Hunters are;
all trappers getting nerfs
Slim to have loads of damage nerfing (nessasary)
And thats just some of the ones that ive read about for the next upcoming patch in a week or two there are probs alot more. Little talk to buffing either


Can I have a link to this, because I know they said next big patch they would look at kraken. I really haven’t heard anything about wraith. also behemoth is mostly getting buffs other then roll damge, and the Kraken is the monster I think could use a small nerf.


http://www.designntrend.com/articles/46345/20150403/evolve-updates-behemoth-hunters-trappers-multiplayer-patch-turtle-rock.htm thats where i found out about some of the patches i read about the kraken LS and wraith on another forum thread


Well wraith was not mentioned here nor can I find any threads about a wraith nerf. I mean really the monsters seem to be getting buffs. Kraken really did need a small nerf and really that is all the LS thing is. I mean it will still do the same damage.


Like i said wraith and kraken were mentioned in another thread on here. I dont see why kraken shud have another of its abilities as it just had its vortex nerfed. i also cant see why behemoth shud have a weak point added when it already has a huge problem dodging due to its size. Ill just go back to what i first said in that the game is becoming 4 invincible hunters vs a mediocre monster. Its less a game of skill more a game of if u cant get to lvl 3 ur dead now, i prefered being able to go head to heas against the hunters at lvl 2 but i just cant do it now without taking som serious damage in the process… I shudda guessed they wud give hunters priority though tbh :frowning:


Yeah I get you said in another thread, but I can’t find anything on this wraith nerf. On the behemoth there was nothing said about a new weak point they are changing it, but I think in a way to make it harder to hit. I really don’t see any major nerfs coming to the monsters, the hunters are getting nerfed. The kraken really needed a small nerf, and the Behemoth will be way better after the next patch.


idk why people keep complaining about wraith, before wraith was ridiculous and needed to be nerfed no matter what and now shes actually in a good place were its fun to play against her and as her. She still has plenty of damage (that damage was moved over to super nova if Im not mistaken), her mobility is ok to good depending on whether or not you take the mobility buff.

As for kraken i can definitely see him being problematic due to his long range, BUT id have to see the proposed changes to say for sure (and id rather see forum posts then internet articles i trust direct sources more than secondary sources )


It actually says on the link i sent bout monsters getting weak points for hunters to target at all times. Seems abit unneccesary if u ask me seeing as headshot damage is present… Personally i found the wraith from original release was easily killed if u could trap it early in game stage 1-2. Even playing against humans rather than ai it cud be done… I seem to be one of a few who say this, but i cant see why people would want to take all the challege and fun out of a game as it standars the current wraith is the easiest to kill even in stage 3 now with a decent team. The game was designed to be near impossible when the monster hit stage 3 instead of a fair fight like it now is. Hunters had to work together to prevent evolution as it stands they shud just have it start at stage 3 all the time if they are on about balancing the game completely.


Yeah I am not sure how accurate that link you sent me was, because I did read something Maccman posted about weakpoints but not about adding one.

On the wraith thing it really needed fixed. I mean it had a %60 win ratio thats something that needs to be looked into. The wraith was not in a good spot at launch, they didn’t nerf just because people wanted change. It was done because it needed to be changed.


I might edit this post later but right now ill address the first part about the weak spot

The article stats " Instead of being able to decimate foes unimpeded, the monster will soon have a weak spot." < that part isn’t true because behemoth already has a weak spot on his stomach so I have no idea what this guys talking about.

As for the post he links to Macman states “Yup, it’s coming. Smaller weak spot, more health and armor. More responsive abilities. Removal of the roll/heavy attack spam” (idk how to link posts) so clearly the article is wrong because hes not saying Behemoth will have a weak spot because he didn’t have one before just that he will have a smaller weak spot and various other changes.

thankfully he got the part about slim right so i guess thats something


IMO the article isn’t worth your time just follow the links to the dev posts and read those


I have already read all the devs posts. I just went to the article, because he linked it to me. I was just saying it does not seem accurate to what I have read from the devs.