Unlocking some badges in evolve


Ok I have every single badge in the game except for a handful now. I have the game platinumed but I still have at least 2 badges missing.

There is the section that is 2 bones it looks like still greyed out and I just saw a badge I never seen before today of two kukris in an X shape. How do I unlock these?


Honestly, no one seems to know.


I think its like the Hyde badges, a mystery for a future patch :disappointed:


Has anybody else seen the two kukri knives badge? I assume its under the cross bones section that I still haven’t unlocked so somebody knows how…


Oh those? I have em unlocked, but I have 0 clue how


Dang. Its the only thing I am missing.


So you have all achievements unlocked already?


Yes. I have every character elited and all trophys done. The game is platinum now on my ps4.


Have you played the new maps yet?


A handful of times. Do the new maps have anything to do with the badges?


I feel like they do just because I unlocked those badges after my first time playing on them


Did it show you that it was unlocked or more like a pleasant surprise when you went to the badge section? I played a few games on the new maps and haven’t seen anything pop up so…


Pleasant surprise, I just looked in and “Oh hey, thats kinda neat”


Ok I will give it a look when I get back on later. Hopefully I will have something.


good luck :bucket_salute:


I think those are unlocked via either the tutorials- getting Gold rankings on them- and the Hunter’s Quest Companion App.


Win the two new maps in Rescue, Hunt and nest, and you´ll get all bone badges (done it myself) games vs bots Work for it.


So I just checked and I have the bones and the kukris now. I guess they would be both from hunt as that’s all I have done so far. Thank you for the replies. I guess I will go through the games in solo. Gives me a chance to familiarize myself with the new maps more anyway.


I will try this myself and see.