Unlocking Perks with Rank


If I unlock a perk by playing as a character, say, Gunslinger Perk 1, but I already own all 3 tiers, do I get the credit amount of the perk instead?


I feel like you’re paying for early access to the perk so I imagine not.


That sucks!


You do get keys, but a reduced amount

If you go to the character progression menu, you will see the value replaces the perk itself. It is usually between 200 and 400 from what I’ve seen.

As for me, I’m gonna try to unlock all perks naturally. It will make me a stronger player, and when I do unlock them, I’ll be even better.


i wonder if I already got gunslinger upgraded to lvl 2, and I get it for lvl up, will it upgrade my perk to lvl 3?


What it should do is give you a free upgrade


you can get perk in many ways leveling, daily, and character leveling, and buying them with keys.

but you can only get 3 of them so 3 in tier1 3 in tier2 and 3 in tier3 once you have them you will get keys instead of perks as a reward.