Unlocking behemoth


Hi, I preordered and purchased the digital version of evolve for the Xbox one. I understand that it came with some golaith skin and behemoth. I have the skin but how do I get behemoth? Thanks


Behemoth should just be available to play. To test this go to solo mode and choose monster in any game, scroll over as you usually would to see if he is there.


If its locked you need to do 1-star masteries in every other monster.

That’s how Evolve works.You need to unlock Kraken-Wraith-Behemoth.

PS.The 1 star masteries for unlocking next monsters are not hard at all.Pretty much 5 to 10 games with each monster to unlock the next.It was made like that so everyone plays everything.


But i didnt have to do that with the hunters


Which hunters?

If i remember correctly we had to do it for everyone.Hunter/Monster

Maybe there was an edition which was giving some of the classes unlocked?


the t4 hunters, i never had to unlock all 1 stars to get them so it should have been the same for behemoth


What i mean is that you should have 1 star in Caira to have Slim

And 1 star in Parnell to get Torvald.
By the time T4 was released i’m guessing everyone had 1 star in each ;p
Are you sure you didn’t?Also what platform?Because i think xbox had some other offers going on


We don´t know, because most people had at least two stars when Set 4 got released. Sorry but it should be as Wibaki said. get the stars like a good little mario.


Nope you don’t I didn’t even have Caira unlocked but I could still play Slim :stuck_out_tongue:


Slab O’meat said that you didn’t need to do that for DLC characters, you can just play them


Im on ps4 and xbox had a preoder thing to unlock everything from the start. i didnt have lazarus and caira unlocked so im pretty sure you didnt need to have 1 star to unlock t4


Both of those sounds familiar.

Anyway OP if its locked you just have to unlock them


Try quitting evolve, then go to Manage Game. Scroll all the way to the right and you should see your skin and Behemoth and be able to download/install them.


Any DLC hunters and monsters are unlocked from the start when purchased. No need to unlock other characters first.

Anyway, try do what Mountain told you to do and let us know if it worked. :smile:


I can’t find behemoth or gorgon in the xbox store



Someone shutdown this revivifier!


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2K closed the Evolve servers back in September, which included removing the game and all DLC from the Xbox, PlayStation and Steam store. You can read more about that here:

Anyway, buying a key from a third party website like G2A or Amazon is now the only way to get more Evolve content.

With that said, this thread is three years old, so I’m closing it. :lock: