Unlockable Class icon backgrounds?


Just curious, others who have progressed further are there class symbols (other than the generic Supports shield) that are unlockable for emblem backgrounds? Such as Medics cross Hunter arrowhead etc.


Yea the last Goliath icon at the far right I don’t know how to get…

I got him Elite and I expected to finally get the Goliath icon tree done. Must be some other things you need to do. It would help if it gave you a description saying how to unlock when you hover over it.


I believe the last icon is the one you attain by playing the Hunters Quest Ap. It shows Goliath with 2 horns and 2 axes behind his back. I think most of the last icons in the lists are Hunters Quest icons. Tagging @Hydrawolf…he has all of the badges from the ap so he can inform you best! I have yet to earn one badge but there are many just from leveling up characters within the ap.


Final Goliath and Hunter foreground icons are unlocked through the ‘Hunters Quest’ app.

Getting to level 30 within the app with a specific hunter unlocks their last foreground icon.

Collecting all wildlife from each biome unlocks a new icon for each monster. There’s also a ‘time warrior’ icon here, not sure what that’s all about.

There are not (as far as I know) any class specific backgrounds, but I love the idea!


I can play Monster in the app?

I did not know of this. Now I have to go play it some more.


Oh! Ninja’d by Sledge’s awesomeness! Curse my large fingers and tiny mobile screen! :wink:


You can’t play as monster, the monster icons come from collecting all wildlife within each biome.


You can’t play monster…yet. You can only fight the monsters right now. BUT I am hopeful they will add this option to the ap soon though!


Ninja fight!


Lol! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I was wondering more about the Hunter symbol backgrounds rather than the Animal based foregrounds.

The Support “Shield” is there but I was wondering if the other class symbols were there once you leveled further.

Hunter=Arrow/Harpoon Medic=Cross and Assault=Bomb