Unlock modding features to the community and Evolve may come back


“Counter-Strike itself is a mod, and it has developed its own community of script writers and mod creators.”

Imagine no De_Dust 2 one of the most played maps in all of FPS time and still played today maybe even more than ever. Made by the community itself. Release Date March 13, 2001

TRS, you have an army of staff begging to work for free to make evolve the best game it can be. But it can not evolve by natural selection without any direct influence by it’s environment.

I imagine by now the game would have much more balanced maps for competitive play, and overall better balance across the board.

Everything to gain, nothing to lose. Evolve will die if nothing changes. Do you expect to keep doing the same thing and see a different result?

-The PC community.


No thanks.


It’s pretty hard to make the map balanced for evolve

Evolve is 1 vs 4 not 4 vs 4

This is the draw back . I do want more maps only if dev can review the work of maps done by the community to make sure it’s balanced on both sides


Last that we heard on this matter the Engine is locked down with all kinds of licenses that mean opening up modding tools just isn’t a legal option for the game. If this has changed then a Dev can let us know.


Why ?

Speak for your self if you don’t want that. If you can’t provide good reason not make it


Well that’s a nice thing to say, cheers mate.


Cry Engine is free now

I don’t know how it works . But it may let them do it


I’m pretty sure I was speaking for myself. My quote was “no thanks”. Which is pretty easy to understand as my opinion.

Now if I said, “no thanks, from the whole community” then that would be me assuming the community doesn’t want it.


This doesn’t necessarily change anything. Also I’m not even touching on the cost financially and in resource that may be required.

I’m not saying that TRS aren’t reconsidering their position, but last we heard is it’s an absolute no go, so until we hear anything otherwise it’s best not to get up any hopes.

As an aside, I’m with @Therubexcube. I don’t actually see the value in modding for Evolve. Most community made maps are awful, and the lack of independent dedicated servers means that you’d need to tie up TRS time to QA them properly as far as I’m aware.


So wait, Game Communities that beg for features and then complain about them may also not be very good at making maps? Color me shocked!

[SPOILER] Only half serious, I don’t care either way lol [/SPOILER]


Not ALL of the PC community. Don’t assume.

In any case, I doubt it’ll happen. TRS uses a highly modified version of CryEngine. If we wanted to mod the game, they’d have to specifically release that exact version for our use, as well as a mod kit specific to that build of the engine. And for ANY mods to work, they can never update their engine form what it is at the time of the mod kit’s release, otherwise they’ll become completely incompatible.

On top of that, how bad would some of the mods be? If people think things are OP now, wait until someone can mod in an insta-kill ability/weapon. Or a completely biased map. Or something that can’t die.

I agree that there’s a possibility of something good getting made, but realistically, the chances of it being something that fits in the game and also fits within the parameters of “balanced” are so astronomical that the ONLY people I’d trust are TRS.


Any one can say no thanks in all threads

I am implying providing good reasons behind no is a good thing so we discuss about the suggestion .


I’m sorry, didn’t realize you needed an explanation.

Well see @niaccurshi 's post above. That’s basically my reason as well.


It seems to me some of the maps are dreadfully hunter sided to the point of being broken. The meta for any half decent hunters is to keep center control of map while split fanning monster into the corner. With this simple tactic it’s inevitable in some maps you are caught level 1 if the hunters are half decent. The most simplistic deduction while looking at the mini map is going to tell you where the monster is on some of these maps every single second of the match.


The point of the game is to fight at every stage, that’s the original aim of the game, and it’s where they’re trying to head back to. This isn’t an example of maps being broken.


I really want modding to happen,

  • But we know legally it isn’t possible for TRS to make it happen. Even if they were given the time and resources to make it happen.
  • Evolve runs on a highly customized version of CryEngine, even with the recent revelation of Crytek making CryEngine free it would be extremely unlikely that it’ll mean we can do anything about Evolve.
  • Respawn said that modding for Titanfall wasn’t realistically possible for them to support, but people eventually figured out how to do some mods to a limited degree. Maybe all hope is not lost, but I’ve heard that CryEngine can be a bitch to work with.
  • Could it revive the PC community? No it will not, it can provide some short term extendability. But it won’t help bring players because the problem with Evolve goes deeper into the core gameplay, content and how things are done on TRS and 2K’s part.
  • Maps will be extremely hard to make balance for both sides and actually fun to play but it won’t be impossible to make. Modeling and other media related mods will be something that will be more likely.

All in all I WOULD LOVE FOR EVOLVE TO HAVE MODDING SUPPORT but it isn’t what it needs, maybe for Evolve 2 and when it goes with a free 2 play model.


If L4D is anything to look at, I can imagine people creating mods that make the monster easier to spot with custom skins and Lightning Sloths or Meteor Armadons… I have bad memories of those crazy Tank mods on L4D servers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some cool things would come out of it, but a lot of bad things, too. Community made maps would be really neat, but I doubt they would be playable outside of custom lobbies. Personally, I can’t see Evolve as a sandbox game full of mods.

This response is really old, but it was clarification from a co-founder on why it can’t be done (the source material of what above users have been saying):


yea, they already said they can’t


Imagines what I can do with Gorgon and Reavers. :smiling_imp:


No thanks.