Unlisted threads in dev tracker


I got to an unlisted thread using the dev tracker. Maybe we don’t want that?


@TheMountainThatRoars Any insight and all that jazz?
(RaggityMan you might wanna PM the mods aboot that to see what they can do)


Nothing we can do about that on our end.

@codinghorror @eviltrout Is this something that can be adjusted?


I’m not sure it’s something that needs to be fixed? Unlisting isn’t deleting, if you know what I mean. Sometimes you’ll unlist a thread because you don’t want it to be active on the topic listings even though another thread my link to it (for example, Plaff’s community find a player posts).

As long as people can’t see posts from areas they don’t have access rights, I feel this kind of works as intended?


Well looking at someones posts through their profile doesn’t show posts in an unlisted topic. I’d assume the dev tracker should work in a similar way.

I suppose we’ll find out when one of the discourse staff replies. :slight_smile:


Depends on what defines an unlisted thread.

For example, one of my own topics was “unlisted” for the obvious purpose that players weren’t allowed to see it, not just as a way to lower the activity in a thread.

I’m 90% sure that unlisted on Discourse, or at least the way it’s being used on these forums, is meant to hide a thread from other forum users so it’s actually a very serious bug if they appear in dev tracker.


Unlisted threads can also be found in Google.

Just throwing that out there.


From the discourse forum, courtesy of codinghorror:

Why would being unlisted change notifications? Unlisted just means the topic will not show up in topic lists.

I don’t disagree that you can happily hide that someone from a group has participated in an unlisted thread (thus helping to keep it unlisted across all possible points of discovery), but if you check what Discourse feel an unlisted thread is, it’s purely to stop it displaying in the topic list and nothing else. It’s not meant to be unfindable or inaccessible, just not listed.

Edit: for clarity, the dev tracker is a way to see what Devs have posted, and is somewhat seperate from a topic list. If you want to highlight everything that someone from a group (in our case, the Devs) are posting on then posting in an unlisted thread is technically (arguably) not something you should hide from people. You can, of course. This is more of a feature discussion rather than a bug discussion, let alone a “very serious” bug discussion.

I imagine as Mountain says above, this is something that should probably be left to individual forum owners as an option to toggle.


Which, means we should probably check with @LadieAuPair to see if this is even something they want fixed.




Sort of, but we do mark unlisted topics as “noindex” to Google.

That said, anyone who has a link to an unlisted topic can get to it, if it really needs to be verboten then it must be moved (recategorized) to a secure category.

OK! I was able to deploy latest here about 30m ago so https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/groups/developers should be working better now, apologies for the bug!


I’m resisting the urge to call out that edit…




Hmm yeah we should fix that too cc @eviltrout


Here’s a fix:


With that change, is it possible to make it so people who watch all topics don’t have access to unlisted threads?