Unlikely Solution to Dome Holding

So in “The Development of Evolve” thread lead by @MacMan, he posted new video footage of old concept ideas for Evolve, a couple of which being the original cocoons for the Monsters. As we all know now, the Monsters Evolve in this black goopy stuff and bubble, each leaving their own effects.

Goliath - Flames
Kraken - Electricity
Wraith - Void stuff
Behemoth - (Don’t play Behemoth enough to notice what he leaves)

However originally they weren’t given this black goopy stuff and instead, proper cocoons for the Monsters that existed at the time, that being Kraken, The Host, and Wraith.

So I pose the question, what if TRS went back to this idea and made the cocoons a real thing? I feel the way they could work is this:

  • The cocoons could reduce damage during an evolve by say 10% or so due to being inside an armored cocoon
  • Exiting from the cocoon as Monster would leave the Monster with a few bars of armor if left un-touched allowing for an escape from the dome OR a fight that doesn’t end in slaughter.
  • If the cocoon takes damage then the Monster will receive less armor.

And finally here are what the cocoons actually looked like for Kraken, The Host, and Wraith.

It’s a stretch but they were already designed and all but the cocoon was cut for a few reasons that @MacMan said, one of which being that they were cut because

I like being an optimist okay?

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So amidst all the programming in this game…

Making a Monster hatch from an egg somewhat realisticly (or even unrealistically) was too much for them?


I mean I don’t know the other reasons there were for not implementing this feature but this Dome Holding strategy is really annoying with no real punishment. Some maps are easier to get away than others with certain Monsters but really it takes 15 seconds to Evolve and it takes barely that amount of time to catch up to said Monster on the Hunters part meaing there is going to be Health Damage unless you’re pretty sly for a Monster.

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Funnily enough that was a reason MacMan gave, personally I would see the Monsters just erupt from the cocoon, leaving broken remnants of the once cocoon on the ground however whatever the reasons may be it was cut, but I think it would allow for greater Stage 2 evolution survival.

Yeah but I guess that the Black Goo fits in with the lore better since the Monsters seem to be based off it in some way considering the talk about the eggs and them possibly being warpgates instead of normal eggs.

Still though… Monsters have it rough these days… unless you’re in Pubs.


Yeah… It’s an unlikely solution but it already exists in terms of models and textures.

It’s not the fact that the monster take extra damage from evolving, but more that the monster is still and comes out withour armor.

My suggestion is to fix the monsters ability to spam traversal and take very minimal health damage in the same patch they eventually “fix” dome holding. In fact, I’m pretty sure just doing that would fix it because many good trappers can actually catch a monster before it is ready to evolve, but choose not to do so because so because of the monsters ability to negate a dome’s worth of damage by having full armor and traversal spamming. Catching it while stage 1 would be safer for the hunters anyway.

Just keep in mind that removing the hunters ability to hurt a freshly evolved monster would basically tip the game from PC monsters having a somewhat hard time to any monster on any console would always win during tournaments.

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I never said it would remove their ability to deal damage, I just said this would be a effect that would allow the Monster to have increased damage resistance by like 10% or so and allows for a bar or two of armor to stop permanent damage and dome holding, I feel you skipped part of the thread.

I did read it:

I’m saying that holding the dome was a strategy the hunters were forced to come up with to counter the monsters use of some more than generous game mechanics. By suggesting to “nerf” that strategy without fixing the root of the problem as well, it’s either going to “grow” back or you just made the game many times more one-sided than it currently is.

why not adding a perk - bulletproof during evolve?

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