Unleash The Trolls


I have made it my mission to trollify every Evolve character ever. Let us begin! PS. Mods, I don’t know if this should be in the memes topic, but I think it’s different. Move it if you like though. :smile:

Lazarus trollers, they're breeding
Im Taking Back My Preorder
Our Gift to the Community - New Elite Skins!
Troll Watch or "The Hall of Shame"
What photo editor did people use to put troll faces on all the evolve characters
Show us your stuff for the Livestream!

Now for the infamous Tyrant.


Points at the Tyrant in THIS SPECIFIC PICTURE Hey there buddy! Remember me? Yes you do! Yes you…OH GOD Message flashes on screen “You need help, tell your teammates”


Need troll medics and trappers asap.


As you wish.

There you go, ladies and gents. The first Tier of Huntrolls!


Val - “You want to be healed? Let me bring out my sniper rifle for a second”


My favorite part is the fact that you spelled Huntrolls without a space.



Oh god, what’re you doing @MidnightMonash?!




If you need me, I’ll be in my bunker praying for the best. Peace out ya’ll!


Here we go again, my friends- Tier 2!

More coming soon.


Well done. . . well done indeed.


And here we go, guys. Tier 3!

Now comes a decision- who should we Trollify next?



Bloody 10 chars!


Bucket’s sentry guns.


And now, a special treat… Tier 4 Huntrolls!

All your requests coming up soon.


This is so true :sob:


Here we go. A special for @xN30 this time.


The TRS crew?


See, I don’t think they’d enjoy that.


K, how bout spotters then?


Sure thing. Lemme take a look…