Unknown problem (!)

if i start evolve (stage 2) there came a unknown problem as a “steam post” and this is since 2 or 3 updated, and i haven´t any idea what the problem is.

Can you post a screenshot?

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You mean “Failed to start game (unknown error)” ?

If so, try some of the troubleshooting steps posted here and let us know if it worked!

(DarKastlez) Failed to start game (unknown error) could be i´m not have a english steam Account but i have used the troubleshooting 2 times

All the troubleshooting steps from within the thread? Also try to open Steam as administrator and see if that works.

@Balduin_Dittmar, out of curiosity, do you have a 32 bit operating system? I remember a friend of mine having this problem and was caused because of an incompatible OS.

i dont think so, or is this a random happen problem after you play it?

Does it still happen often?

it is since the frist update after quantum caira only this problem

Could you perhaps post your DxDiag information here so I can take a closer look at your specifications?

you mean this? (hope there is no false friend or what ever) Windows 8 64-bit-version CPU @ 3.20 GHz (4 CPUs)~3. GHz

Whats your graphic card? Also the following post gives instructions on how acquire your DxDiag info:

Nvidia geforce gtx 750 ti