Unique Concept 2k Monster's


Basilisk:[the earth dragon like creature,that can fly and perform aerial attacks if need be this monster has high health but low armor like 6 bar’s along with this he is fast and strong walks on four’s and has wing’s and is mostly red and stone designed with whitish gray back up texture’s and his ability’s are…

Sky Dive:[while the monster is in the air it rear’s up and tucks it’s wing’s in and plow’s the selected area with all it’s force dealing massive damage to any in it’s pathway but has a slow cool down ratio sadly and is aerial based only].

Electric Breath:[the beast pause’s for about half a second like behemoth when using fissure but he breathe’s lightning like material that can chain together against wildlife or foe’s but is in short burst’s like flame breath and has a medium cool down ratio and can reach far distance’s cool thing is the lightning is red colored making it look awesome when used].

Violent Storm:[this ability is a defensive or offense ability but to mostly decoy hunters and let you escape or get the drop on them see the monster roar’s upward’s to the sky and cause’s either a satellite storm or a rain storm that can A injure hunter’s or B distract them for about 20 second’s yes it sound’s OP but isn’t the damage from the satellite’s is weak not very strong and if lightning flashes and the monster is close by it’ll show you him for about 2 second’s].

Rage Machine:[this attack allow’s the monster for 10 second’s to glow red and deal massive damage with only plan attacks that’s the catch cause the ability’s cancel one another out when used in sink together with one another but using plan attack’s doe’s a lot of damage try to stay air born or shielded or cloaked to avoid damage].

Concept Goliath:[an elite monarch shell based life form of Goliath that is powerful but slower and ruthless and he is taken from the concept of the shelled crab like design of him and is vicious this one was awakened bu hunting noise’s and nearby riot’s and death’s so it’s got 4 more armor bars than Goliath and 3 more bar’s of health and unique move’s try to evade his attacks there tough like him and it’s color’s are pinkish raw flesh under a pale white armor and has a predator mouth and a pointed tail unlike other specie’s and is a literal Apex monster].

[Frozen Fire Breath]:[this is form of blue chilling fire actually can freeze a hunter in there tracks fro 3 second’s and burn them at the same time but has a longer cool down than Goliath’s flame breath but reaches farther and cover’s a wider area and is unique to this monster only they think it lived in the tropical area’s to gain this attack but had to migrate cause earthquakes and then got awoken by hunter’s on accident thanks griffin].

Leaping Rock Throw:[a combo move yes that only elder Goliath’s know for taking distant prey down quick,the beast grabs a large flaming rock and leaps upwards and well lobs it at the hunter’s it has a 10% wider radius so try to dodge it quick cause this move hurt’s bad if it hit’s no lie but has a medium cool down ratio like the frozen fire and can reach very far away if need be].

Bone Breaking Roar:[the monster emit’s a stunning throwing back roar that’s loud and kinda like vortex it knocks hunter’s back,very far back in this case and can do damage to multiple hunter’s in it’s range and recharge’s very fast and can stun wildlife but not hunter’s for some odd reason Lazarus is looking into how this is possible and reaches about twice as far as Goliath’s flame breath].

Shrapnel Charge:[This is an insane offense move that’ll actually make weak point’s in the hunter’s which anywhere the monster hit’s them it hits that point and last’s only 5 second’s on shrapnel point’s though but the charge is like a average charge but with piece’s of rock and minerals in it and it mostly pushes foe’s back or can shrapnel them it;s a 50/50 thing and has a quick cool down ration and is for escaping or knocking foe’s back like bone breaking roar but it doesn’t make weak point’s in wildlife oddly].

Velvet Worm:[the concept velvet worm that at stage three morph’s into a Quantum hive queen that’s a giant queen beetle that can do large pools f damage and can fly the worm itself can burrow and quick attack hunter’s cause it’s the lowest to the surface of shear it leave’s drag marks not footprint’s and is medium in size and has wraith’s Armor size but half of the Goliath health size but take’s damage like the wraith and is mostly for clever attacks not full out assault’s].

Dig:[the velvet worm dig’s under the earth and digs forward until he decide’s to erupt but no you cannot evolve under earth that would be OP like insane and this move allow’s one to only hide not to quick attack or anything else just to hide and erupt and snatch a hunter quick then be gone again and has a quick recharge ratio].

Poisonous Spore Cloud:[the monster spit’s a splash of spore’s into the area the hunter’s are in and it A knocks off sense’s and B can poison them if they do not escape it use sunny’s jet pack booster it’ll help or cloak this cannot poison you if you use either of them and has a slow cool down time though but reaches very far out cover’s about double that of a Spore Cloud by slim].

Small Heal:[well the monster has to go into stasis when underground only and heal itself this reveals the monster’s location for about two second’s but heal’s you 2 bar’s of health not armor and has a very slow cool down ratio and is easy to 3 star in].

Leech Conjure:[the velvet worm rear’s up and spit’s velvet leeches into an area the hunter’s won’t expect and when hunter’s get close they pop up and attach to them there’s only 4 mini leeches and you must shoot them off to get them off the other hunter’s cause as long as there on the hunter they drain his health and give it to the monster slowly and has a medium cool down ratio and can cover a small area close or far away you decide].

The Burrower:[a shelled bug like worm alien thing that has an armored shell and has an odd head shape check google image’s you’ll see him and he’s fast and like behemoth rolls into a ball tucking all his head and tail into it like a bowling ball and when done curling back out to normal size he become’s very small when in this mode and take’s way less damage though like 50% less but has only a small stamina meter about half that of behemoths and has the wraiths armor size but Krakens health’s size and can cling to walls to assault hunter’s that’s new to there environment and is very strong allowing it to borrow threw walls easily and it’s flesh is pale Orange and a bronze colored shell].

Burrowing Grenade:[the monster spits explosive material from it’s maw that are like banshee mine’s but lays 5 small one’s at once that hit at the hunter’s team there unavoidable but deal low damage and recharge fast though and can be laid only nearby cause there linked with the monster somehow Val is looking into how this is possible].

Chainsaw Ball:[the monster tucks into his shell and grows the spike’s out and bounce’s rapidly around and area and anything he hit’s he well doe’s a lot of damage to and last’s 12 second’s so try to evade him or face death but has a slow cool down like rock wall and if hit him with spore cloud he will come outta his shell for some odd reason and any area he hit’s it explode’s like a nuke].

Cloak:[this monster cloaks and hide’s for 10 second’s from hunter’s that’s all it’s good for escaping or attack you decide so please use it wisely].

Cling:[the monster cling’s to any surface anywhere and when a hunter walks by automatically attacks them and must be freed by another hunter or will be downed and counted as a strike and this move can be evade if one is fast enough though cause you’ll get a half second warning before attacked like a creepy grumble see Gobi or Daisy can spot him or dust tag can tell you if he’s attempting this attack so keep your eye’s open hunter’s].

The Host Monster:[the concept mutant monster look on image’s also i liked this monster and would love to play as it cause it’s so creepy and smooth and just fit the freak design they gave it] and this monster is ancient possibly one of the few elder beast’s still alive to this day but can you stop it it’s mutated looking just like the originally one but in higher graphic’s and it’s like puke colored].

Parasite Swarm:[the monster spawns 6 weak flying bug’s like fledglings that spit poison at the hunter’s and can be killed easily this has a medium cool down ratio and is a close combat to quick attack move that has to not even be though about but these bug like fledglings are fast like a phantom and health like a Reaver and they focus on the whole team 2 on one 2 on one 1 on one and 1 on one there annoying and can poison you quick so keep your eye’s open you’ll hear them].

Ingest:[the monster summons an invisible pulling field that use’s the teeth in it’s belly once the hunters are close by to attack up to two at once and deals massive damage but has a very long cool down time so just keep a distance when fighting it and you’ll be okay].

Mind Control:[the monster controls up to 5 a nearby wildlife until death and this ability recolor’s that wildlife to Green & Plasma Yellow Designed and it can use these monster’s by pressing that button again telling them attack or defend to taps for defend and one for attack this would be effect against hunter’s that aren’t sticking together and has a medium cool down time but doesn’t work on hunter’s at all just make’s you look stupid].

Spawn Stage One Wraith:[this oddly spawns a very weak no armored stage one wraith the beast roar’s and they Clown fish Wraith will appear nearby and attack hunter’s it only has Decoy & Super Nova with 2 point’s in decoy and 1 in SN but is useful and helpful when out numbered in defend of rescue but has a very long cool down time like rock wall and is a tactic that hunter’s would not expect from the host monster kinda like wraiths decoy showing there in the same family of some sort].

[I Already Posted the Queen and four new Tier 5 hunter’s they need to be tough to face these monster’s trust me].


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