Unimaginably frustrated with this week's patch

so… why do posts with the speedbug still get unlisted and closed instantly? shouldn´t that be fixed? if not, now is the time to adress it.

It’s fixed, that thread was a false alarm. :smile:

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He was referring to getting a thread like that up, running, and maintained. It does not exist yet, but thanks to this thread that you made and some suggestions on both your and my part, they are going to make that thread very soon.

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Edit: a whole bunch of nonsense i typed with my face while in the deepest of sleeps in my cozy tar pit. I will not delete this post. Let it stand as a testement to my pride in what my body types while my higher functions have been subdued.


Finally somebody has the guts to say it!

@Hillbilly_Deathlord: Tagging you to let you know you might have made a butt-post. :smiley:

Totally didn’t fallasleep on my phone at all.

How did you send wtf

So, it looks like while I was enjoying my reset MMR in the renamed Ranked last night, which seemed to have already reached the “you get to wait 15-30 minutes for a match now” after only a few hours, I missed the fact the matchmaking in Arcade is still as broken as before the patch :frowning:

Did you win all your matches? You may be ranked extremely high and thus not finding opponents on your skill level.

Take their log tool, look at your rank. Post it.

Of course I have. It matched me with people with like 14 hours in the game repeatedly.

No clue how to do that. Explain?

But yeah, it’s basically renamed Ranked. They’ve said as much. And we know how well that worked. Why can’t we just get a no MMR mode in Ranked (which is not even called Ranked anymore, so there’s no issue there) so we can actually play a game until a working MMR system is designed? All we asked for for a year now was a working matchmaking mode with Monster/Hunter separation. The MMR is good and should be implemented, but is it so much to ask that we can actually play the game in the meantime?

Uh mizx or m3teh posted a batch file that writes a log. Search a bit, i am on slow internet right now. I think they made a thread, maybe the one insane linked, about it.

Nvm found it

Basically start it, search a game, cancel, open notepad and paste the text. Then search for skill or rank or something.

Too much trouble for no payoff. I already know my MMR has basically been placed too high. It’s the same thing that happened with Ranked several times now. The MMR formula is bad and it’s ceiling is too high (assuming it exists, actually). You basically end up breaking into ranks that aren’t supposed to exist - seen people with rank @UI_Subdivision_30?

edit: Tried it for a laugh. Comes up with nothing, the .log file is empty for some reason. I actually tried this before on advice on another dev (without the .bat file, seeing as all it does is copy the text out of a .log file to the clipboard) and it was empty as well. Tried it with the game still running, tried it after closing the game. Empty both ways.

Update 2.08 - Discussion Thread is now Closed.

Yeah… Might be my fault.

Log works for me. Ill test it again later.

Yeah, they reopened it now, I was wondering wth happened.

They should never have a MMR where you have to wait more then 3(arbitrary value) minutes to get a match. So what are they saying?

“You too good to play with anyone on the server at this time. Please come again later”.

This is an area that they constantly struggle with because of the complete opposing sides of the discussion on matchmaking.

On one hand you have people that are of the opinion that skill match making is important, no good getting put in a team with people of a lower skill level only to lose and thus lose your skill ranking…they’d rather wait (in theory) for a better match.

Then on the other hand you have people that don’t want to wait, and will happily take a less well skill matched match.

As they tune it more to one side, the other side complains, and vice versa.

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I think one of the problems is that you need four people that all ready found themselves when on monster side, you do not see a single one joining before this. Thus it seems like taking so long… Which it takes obviously.
I guess in a hunter lobby you will see people joining and leaving over and over until you even start to search for a monster.

How long can they struggle before the game dies? Common, what they do now is make you wait 20 minutes(and still nothing so you quit). What they did before was matching you with ANYONE.

Can’t they start the matchmaking by looking for 20 seconds for people of your skill rating ±20%, then drop to ±40%, then ±80% for example? And i say 80%, not 100%. you never want 800h people matched with 10 hours people.