Unimaginably frustrated with this week's patch

Check the bug report category in the forum :slight_smile:

See, this is why i made my post about the visibility of the devs earlier in the topic. They actually tried to hotfix the issue on Thursday or Friday, i think, and for reasons as yet unknown it failed spectacularly. But for some reason you missed it (I’m not insinuating anything here, you actually missed it through no fault of your own)

Which is why my solution was to make a topic that promoted the visibility of such things, to make it easier for you or other people who accidentally miss such things, and let people know at a “global” (where global in this case means anyone who goes to the main page) level when they know of bugs/issues and let us know that they’re receiving attention.

That is because every thread tangenting this got shut down immediatly so to not spread the issue. After giving my concern and saying they should at least aknowledge it´s existence i got “we are discussing this internaly”. Nothing happened, people thought those are cheater (in a way they are), more topics where created, more topics where unlisted. More people got frustrated.

I felt this was handled extremely poorly. Just because you close your eyes, doesn´t mean there is not a problem.

One reason a rollback was not really possible was the challenge i guess. Postponing a challenge is extremely difficult business and can lead to a lot of frustration. But failing a challenge because barely anyone want´s to deal with the gameplay at hand also feels frustrating.

I feel IF something like this happens, however, pvp should always outweight pve.

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I can get behind a lot of what you said. But I don’t understand this sentence:

I think the reworked maps are pretty damn good. I never feel “Oh, it’s this map, I am starting with a handicap” - no matter if I’m monster or hunter.
The only big concern I have is that no other map has been revised since then. I am really not into Coop vs. AI because the AI is bugged, stupid and too easy. I am not into the map variants because they are random (Cataclysm) or just unfair for the monster (Overpowered). I can understand that those were made for a entirely different player pool than me and maybe they have succeeded in making those players happy. :slight_smile: But personally, I would rather have new revised hunt maps than those “fun” variants.

Or did you mean the map variants with “new maps”?

On the matchmaking
I tried to get some monsters games in in the last couple of days but it seems I picked the worst patch to try that. The matchmaking issues and not finding anyone in ranked made it really hard to get into games. When I found opponents, usually the matches were fun. But I was playing hunter 75% of the time despite having monster preference. ^^
I am really looking forward to tonight’s patch with the hunt queue. And I actually have come to the conclusion that maybe it’s better to hide the ranking. The playerbase of Evolve is just too small to have a true ranking system. It’s too hard to find opponents on your skill level and fear of losing points/getting wrecked seems to keep too many players away.
Over the course of the few monster matches I played I really improved by a lot. I am just so out of monster practice. Next patch I will rise! :goliath_roar:

Quality Assurance is really a problem with Evolve. Or maybe the evolved code base is the problem. Changes to one mechanic crash some other mechanic way too often. And it goes live unnoticed way too often. It seems to me that the (unintended) side effects of changes are not expected and/or tested a lot of times.
I don’t have enough insight in your development process to make any good suggestions on where to improve exactly. But I think changes should be evaluted better for possible side effects and those should be tested better. By the developers themselves and by the QA team. Maybe weekly patches are too much for you to handle. This is no accusation. It’s just that you are a small studio. I hope after Shear Madness this becomes better.
Take your time to implement new features. Don’t rush them in. Quality over quantity! Spent effort in the design phase pays off hugely in the maintenance phase (further changes & bug fixing).

As for unlisting the “bot benefits” bugs threads. On the one hand, I can see why unlisting an exploit makes total sense. On the other hand, this “exploit” is so blatantly obvious that threads popped up all the time. Besides, you couldn’t actively exploit it. It’s nothing you can choose to do. Whenever you are taking over a bot you are inheriting its benefits. It’s not really an exploit if you aren’t actively choosing to exploit something. It’s just a bug.
I agree with Ryaneko that it may have been better to be open about it.

I also liked this suggestion:

On a personal note:
Vrach, when we faced you we had some awesome games (except that one where we screwed up royally). Those are the games that keep me coming back to Evolve. Remember those. :slight_smile:


Yeah I usually scroll through all the posts in the dev tracker but it’s a pain to find the important information that way since they do post a lot.

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Fortunately with all the people miss Shaners tagged, there’s a reasonable chance that a change like i requested is incoming.

Which makes me quite pleased. I always assumed i would be perpetually on the side of the forum that saw the change afterwards, never on the side that had an idea worthy enough to make a change.


I realy like the game basic idea and gameplay, that’s why I keep playing this… From launch legacy.
But these bugs just keep getting worse, sadly. Especialy when you play monster, so frustrating.

  • ranked games +30min queue,
  • pub games long queue plus not-premade buffs (not unbeatable at all but just stupid, makes you loose feeling when playing normal hunters/premades)
  • hackers in ranked, bug abusers in pubs,
  • map variations,

I believe he is referring to the variation maps, which are at best garbage.

on topic…I would like to see more clarity on how the balance changes are being decided…other than, lets make the hunters stupid OP and nerf every monster into the ground making the game stupid easy to win as huunter* which appears to be the current balance formula.

as reference I currently win the majority of my games as hunter in hunt with hunters who don’t communicate, against very good monster players which is ludicrous when you consider I was in bronze as hunter in legacy evolve (good evolve).


seriously shaners?, that’s mature

[quote=“Shaners, post:7, topic:101036”]I will stray away from tweets that are openly making fun of the game.

I can’t comment on the content of Vrach’s posts but not feeding trolls is actually pretty mature. ^^


DUDE, what ?

They nerf hunters for like 4 patches now, they buffed goliath to the point that he’s godtier. Every monster is viable except behemoth.

Easy wins for hunters really ? If you’re winning that easy in hunter pubs you should seriously reconsider what a real “good” monster is.

Its never been that hard to take down a good monster, especially when your teamates are not godtier at positioning and dodging.

I’m playing monster a lot aswell, and man, goliath wrecks people if you’re good at it…


Yeah I was gonna say, some people seem to live in an alternate universe. The nerfs to hunters overall and specific hunters have been pretty serious over the last 5 weeks. The solo buffs do nothing for people who play together, it’s never been harder for premades to win.

And Goliath currently is…shudder…truly godtier.


Yep, I meant the map variants, I called them “new” because they’re the only maps we got so far since Stage 2. While they’re fun for a few rounds, they’re very badly designed from both an optimization (they lag like hell compared to every other map) and gameplay point and I feel they have no longevity for the vast majority of the playerbase. Cataclysm gets skipped more often than not now and the only time I’ve seen players not skip Overpowered was Hunters literally saying “nah, this map is Hunter favoured, we wanna stay”. That’s not a good reason to play a map.

Thank you mate, glad you had fun playing against me :smiley:

And 90% of these posts are fluff, which, while nice to chat to you guys, makes finding relevant information on these forums from the devs/QA/PR people is a nightmare. We definitely need something to better highlight the posts that directly address issues like bugs and upcoming changes.

I’ll resist the temptation to address the balance-related posts as they’re off topic to this thread.


Yeah it’s pretty hard to find dev responses when they directly respond to you.

That patch is now live on Steam. Development isn’t something that just happens instantly. Time and resources need to be spent creating anything. Sure 2.07 had some rough spots, but we have to keep moving forward. That is the whole point of this Beta time.

Balance issues, bugs, matchmaking and anything else you could find are all things we are putting a stronger focus on in September. The Map Variants were very much something we wanted to see how our community would react to. We’ve learned, we know where we need to adjust things and what our goals need to be for the future.

I think there are some solid takeaways from both sides in this thread. Shane and myself are looking to get more information in a one stop shop (since apparently Trello, Dev Tracker and direct responses don’t go far enough) so we can hopefully solve some of the issues brought up in this thread.

And in the future, lets not refer to any of our patches as Cancer? I understand we’re a bit frustrated and that is totally cool, but that is something myself or Shane don’t want our community to start echoing.



Your hostility throughout your entire post is unwarranted. I was talking about the fact that finding information about bugs and issues is hard to find in general. Something others have already echoed and your own colleagues have accepted as valued input.

No, it’s not, and I understand that perfectly. However, patch 2.07 did not have “rough spots”, it literally stopped a giant number of people from playing the game as it was rendered near-unplayable. The mere fact that it was not addressed for a full week with (working) fixes is bad enough, but the lack of communication on them was even worse. This was the point of my thread, to raise these issues that have been building up for a while now.

This particular issue has been raised by others. I rarely use these forums, so perhaps I’m inept at using them and the Dev Tracker to find what I was looking for. What I did was skim across the threads and look through the patch notes thread for a response on the issue. I found nothing relevant to these issues there and if there’s a pinned Known Bugs in Current Patch thread or something of the kind, I have not seen it. Now perhaps I’m blind or too new to the forums, but perhaps these need to be more visible, if they exist. I can only voice my own feelings on it, if I’m wrong, that’s fair enough.

The word has been around the internet and in particular the gaming industry for a while now. It is commonly used to denote something extremely wrong with the game, or something the community really hates. I agree it’s a harsh word and a disgusting one to use considering it’s horrible meaning, but it’s something that’s simply colloquially used at this point. I know of your disdain for it and I believe I have not used it within the forums for primarily that exact reason. Hell, I believe outside from my latest Tweet last night, which was made out of pure frustration, I didn’t even use it on Twitter.

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All the bugs were addressed and they said many times that a fix was coming in various bug threads, I kinda understand your comment about sometimes being difficult to find these official posts, but there’s a difference between info being difficult to find and lack of communication, TRS definitely is not lacking in communication.

Asking for things to be more visible outside the forums is reasonable though.


this is not entirely true. disconnect speed bug was a bit swept under the rug.

And I think we’re coming away from this post seeing that we just need to make information more accessible, and we’ll work on ways to make it clear to our community since there is some holes in the pipeline of information for some of users that have been brought up in this thread.

As a dev team we strive to communicate as much as possible, in as many places as possible. Simply put is we’re human and sometimes things get overlooked. Each dev has their own day to day tasks to handle alongside anything communication related and even myself and Shane take on multiple roles throughout the day.

For where we place stuff now we usually call out stuff like Trello and any major posts through twitter, live streams, discord and reddit. We’re going to look into better ways to reach everyone.

Hopefully the 2.08 build provides a better experience for you.



now introducing… “bug of the week”?

Yes, but this is the TRS forums. There are different ways to express your concerns than calling something “cancer” which is disrespectful to what the word actually stands for.

Here’s also a post that explains further why this is not tolerated here on the forums:

I hope you learn to refrain from using it further.

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Look two sentences down (or hell, maybe even read the whole post before replying x.x). I have never, to my knowledge, used it on these forums.

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