Unimaginably frustrated with this week's patch

Alright, I’ve been deleting this post for a week now every time I started writing it, not wanting to spread negativity, but tonight it got to a point where I literally alt-F4 ragequit the game for I believe the first time ever. I played against Slim when he had his perma-cloak, I’ve played against Val Sunny Griff during their most overpowered days as a slow moving Wraith on Rendering plant and I’ve suffered through months of not fixing really serious issues and bugs with the game that you were well aware of.

But this week took the cake. This week, we got a patch that broke matchmaking to the point where we’re waiting in lobbies for up to 30 minutes, queuing repeatedly into the exact same ones, often broken (having less than 5 players). A patch that made the wildlife ridiculously fast, making striders in particular into bloody roadrunners. A patch that tossed in the bug that gives the Hunters the ability to exploit their way to stupid speeds. And all this on top of the already glaring issues (balance, hackers, major bugs that have been in the game for weeks) and terrible design decisions like pub buffs. All amidst playing the same 4 maps, with two additional variants most people want to skip for innumerable reasons, terrible optimization being one of the most glaring and objective ones.

I can write an essay on all of these bugs, all of these terrible design decisions, why the new maps are at best mostly useless and at worst, actually damaging to the game, but all of this is not in itself what frustrated me this week. What frustrated me was TRSs reaction to this. Or rather, a lack of one.

So the moment this patch launched, I was in the game and experiencing these issues. Having @mizx on my friends list on Steam as the only TRS person, I thought to contact him directly to report the issue right away and see if they were already aware and working on it. Now, this was about 5 minutes into the patch so he still seemed to not know about this at the time, but about 5-10 minutes later, Coach Bearly and @Insane_521 showed up in my stream chat. I figured “awesome, they’re here to look into/address this and talk to us”, but after asking about it, we literally got zero response.

A simple “we’ll look into it” would’ve sufficed at the time, but they haven’t said a word. I’ve tweeted at the EvolveGame official Twitter, nothing. The next day, I made a post about it on the forums and looked up the patch discussion thread, there was not a single word on this at all anywhere I looked. Now, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not an entitled prick wanting a personal response for whatever reason, I’m just a player who wanted some answer to the community about a patch that made the game damn-near unplayable (technically, it can still be played, but that’s really a technicality as far as this patch is concerned).

So there’s two things I wanted to say here. First of all, when you make a patch like this, that’s more full of bugs than features, please, roll it back. There’s no shame in this, you did so a few weeks back, within an hour, when it completely broke the game and I, as well as all the people I know in this game, applauded it. Leaving patches like this in the game for a full week or more will kill it and none of us want to see that happen.

Second, talk to us. I don’t mean me personally, but address the community about it in an obvious and visible way. A patch this bad, if you can’t fix it immediately for whatever reason, you can at the very least explain why. You have several wonderful PR people for this exact job, use them. You don’t have to come into mine, or anyone else’s stream, make a post on the forums, tweet on Twitter or do something to acknowledge the issues and reassure us you care and are working to fix them. It’s human to make a mistake. It’s insulting to pretend you didn’t or underplay the effects.

Please understand that as frustrated as I am, this post comes out of nothing but my love for this game. I consider it one of the best and most unique multiplayer games made in a long time and it is a game with a fantastic community I have spent a long time playing, meeting and making friends with. But the last few weeks, culminating in this patch have shown it heading towards disaster and as much as this post might not make a lick of difference, I wanted to toss my 2 cents in and at least try.


tl;dr version - communicate with us more TRS pls

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I understand your frustration, because I am extremely frustrated and avidly avoiding the entire game currently due to the errors that have been presented in your post.

They’re aware of every problem I’ve seen you list, but they haven’t been visible with that fact like you’ve been asking for, instead it’s in the forums where the bug reports have shown up, and they’re commenting and letting everyone know when something has been logged.

Beyond me trying to defend them in the slightest capacity, i’d like to add my voice to yours and say, “TRS, what the heck? You built the entire Stage 2 experience around the fact that you wanted to be more transparent.” (one of a plethora of reasons, at least) The transparency rate has gone down in the last couple of weeks, like they’re trying to build up something important and not reveal it.

You don’t have to reveal what you’re hiding, but c’mon. Let us know when you guys are focusing something like broken gameplay, and maybe come back with updating patch notes. You’re allowed to hide the stuff you want to wait till last second to reveal, but it’s ridiculous. We’re getting right back to where we were before.



I love this game. I wanna see it success


I’ve done a few posts on matchmaking already which I’ll link below but I’ll go through the post a bit.

I totally get the frustration and issues that are in this patch. This past month has been a ton of content getting thrown out to see how the whole community reacted and where we need to adjust things. It was a big month of learning and we’re already acting on that this week. We were not happy about the bugs introduced but those are all addressed in 2.08, which is releasing tomorrow alongside Paladin Parnell, Progression updates and a new Silver Key earn rate.

We’ll be changing up matchmaking to have a better home for players who want to simply have fun and players who want to have a pure experience when it comes to Evolve. We learned this by watching, listening and talking with our whole community about what everyone wanted and we shifted production around to get this out as quickly as possible.

I understand the frustration and not seeing us everywhere at once but we try our best to be everywhere we can. We’re working on numerous things at once and trying to cover as many areas as possible when we post.

I apologize that you feel this way, but we’re working as quickly as we can to make Stage 2 the best experience possible. Sometimes some bumps in the road happen, but it’s on us to course correct and move forward.


Hi Master!

Transparency hasn’t gone down – we’re willing to answer any questions you have!

Thing is, we did this huge event to prove Evolve is awesome, doing what we can to sell it as a success and make our way to console and now, we’re a lot lower on content because this event was not planned from the beginning. Another side effect is-- bugs. Because we had to push out content so fast, bugs are hiding in there and now we really need to take the time for our quality assurance team to do their glorious work! It was definitely a busy month for them as it was for us.

I’m not sure what you’re asking for. We have a trello board showing high-level items we are working on… as well as weekly updates with lots of content. What are you looking for us to reveal?


Hello Vrach.

In response to this:

You constantly refer to Evolve as “Matchmaking simulator” on Twitter in each of your tweets. As the community manager who runs the twitter, I will stray away from tweets that are openly making fun of the game. Now, people who reach out and ask what the deal is – I will definitely respond in kind.


I also responded to your tweet personally before you made this post.


I know I sleep better at night by just presuming that they do this as standard. :wink:


Honestly I think it’s less that you’re revealing it in other places and more that you don’t have a permanently pinned topic helping us keep track of things, as well as a link in-game to the forum for said topic.

The topic might keep track of: Known bugs, making sure everyone knows when you find an exploit (but not what the exploit is, we don’t need people ruining the fun for others), keeping patch notes as visible as possible, like when you were revealing patch notes 3~ days before the patch came out, and then adding stuff like Hunter Skins/Monster Skins or unannounced stuff that was in the patch when you release the full patch notes.

I think that right now the problem is you guys are responding in topics but there isn’t a place to see something like a “global” response. Where if I go straight to the forums at the top with pinned topics there’s a “known issues” area, something like that. That way when someone who is frustrated pops in, they can see immediately that you guys know, you’re taking care of it, and that the first patch handling it will be out on X date, ASAP.


Feels like try to not cringe/laught challenge.

I do too. Why would someone not want good game to succeed?I believe even developers wish sucess to other teams.Except riot games,they will kill you if you make better MOBA.I’ve seen what are they capable of.Support restored my 7years old account that I did not know password,name or email . It took few days but damn…that is something I could not hope for elsewhere.

Do you mean dev-tracker?

I mean a topic at the top that updates whenever new stuff is found, not just replies from the devs. That will simplify the jobs of the devs in question from at least some people making rant topics, and will present a visual “we got this” topic for everyone else. The dev tracker is not a bad thing, but it doesn’t do the job i’m asking for in this case.

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Ah! Thank you! That’s super constructive feedback!

I know @GentlemanSquirl was doing something of the sort, and then @Insane_521 was talking about something similar.

Good news is, we now have @happybirthdaymary and she is doing her best to catch up with all the hacking submissions, bugs, etc. Once she gets in a good groove – she might be able to help with that.

Our Live QA team is super busy reproing and finding bugs right know since they are so behind from the massive amounts of content put out.

I will definitely discuss this internally and see what we can do to make it more clear. :slight_smile:


I asked Ladie Au Pair for this a while ago and she said she wanted to do it as well but I guess it just got pushed to the back burner permanently


hopefully with the noise that’s being made, we’ll see it in the near future.

I trust TRS, they’re pretty good at making the right choice. ^^


So… are we going to be seeing some roll back action?

I didn’t think I would be able to stop playing this game. I think I’ve written it out a few times due to frustration with some aspects of the game but I couldn’t really stop playing. However, after the last patch, it’s been too frustrating to play as monster. This is mostly because of the crazy fast wildlife mixed with the stupid long queueing in Hunt; it’s wait times are actually comparable to ranked mode. I’ve somehow managed to miss 4 login days in total because these new issues that have been introduced to us in patch 2.07.

I wish I could believe this. From my perspective, it’s been 50/50 in terms of good decision making. I just get so annoyed when I hear or see anything to do with map variants or co-op because I don’t remember anyone asking for them.

I think their content is fun, but it needs to be sorted into the right place. As for the coop, a lot of people want a campaign style of events.

Bugs are expected when they roll out this much content this fast. August was a paradise of content, and i bet September will be spent cleaning up afterwards.

I’m right about here as well.

These devs should of just hired me for “balancing management” pretty much what I discussed in one of my very first threads I posted on here, they wouldn’t even have to pay me, I know what players want.

I haven’t really got involved for the last few patches, I’m slowly becoming uninterested in the decisions being made.

People have different priorities, and it’s SUPER easy to isolate yourself in such a way that you’d never hear the opinions of people that think the 50% “bad” decisions in your eyes are actually good decisions in theirs.

TRS have a diverse playerbase here, people that have come from L4D and care about the atmosphere, and the story, people that have come to be a big bad monster, people that have come to enjoy casual class based fun as a hunter, people who only enjoy masses of variety while others only enjoy consistent balancing. They are, IMO quite clearly, doing their very best and hitting most of the high notes in what is a clearly frantic month for them.


You picked out that one thing out of the entire post and all the ways I have used to try and get an answer about this, but sure. I would mention that those tweets came after about a whole day has passed with zero communication on the issue and the initial tweets that I was talking about were absolutely civil.

To quote:
@EvolveGame Looks like the patch broke matchmaking. Queues take a long time, then give you a lobby with 3-4 people. Any ideas? Aug 24, 2016
@EvolveGame MM is really broken and there’s a bug that freezes you from leaving lobby or picking character. Can we fix this fast please? :frowning: Aug 24, 2016
@EvolveGame Guys, please tell me a matchmaking fix is coming today, the game is unplayable outside customs :frowning: Aug 25, 2016

Those three came before any of the Matchmaking Simulator tweets, first being during the stream when the patch hit, second after the stream when the patch has been live for a few hours and the last the next day. And they all have 0 responses.

I have spent the afternoon of the next day till I started the stream looking for any information on this anywhere, and when I didn’t find it, I figured to poke fun at the problem through my tweets and stream titles to call your attention to the issue. I feel like my messages conveyed the point without being rude, but I’m sorry if you found them insulting, it’s just literally how broken the game was at that point.

But to not divert the topic here, I’d love to see an actual answer to any of the issues I’ve made this post about, of which I’ve seen none. For one, you have decided to let this patch sit for a week when it has made the game near unplayable. Why? Why not roll it back? You’ve shown the capacity for it a few weeks back and from everything I’ve seen, the response to that action was vastly positive.

If that was impossible for whatever technical reasons, why not post about it? Maybe explain why it’s hard or impossible to address the issues immediately with a roll back or a hotfix. Does the community not deserve even an explanation of why the game is being left broken for an entire week?

And I will repeat again, this patch is the culmination of these problems. As mentioned by others above, the communication has just been going downhill for the past couple of weeks and the bugs are being left in the game left and right and seemingly ignored. If you continue treating the game and the community this way, neither will last long and it’s what saddens me as I’ve seen the game go down this route before.