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I know it’s a little late but the movie was great. Not in story but how it showed people are huge assholes. An example being the main character trying to save her “love” by damning the other guy then betraying him immediately after. Just love how it shows people do whatever they can to survive.


Yeah… but it was a horror movie, and it really failed at that.


I admired what it tried to do buuut…


I liked the blender part. : D


If this had come out before paranormal activity. It’d be way different.


Really? It was good? I thought the preview was hilarious and would see it just for the laugh factor, but I wouldn’t expect it to be good.

I just saw The Forest and that was disappointing.


It was atrocious to horror movies standards. It will make you chuckle though especially during the Never Have I Ever Scene.


This movie looked really stupid.

Then again I guess Chuckie looks pretty stupid nowadays too.


Sure, I think Paranormal activity really changed found footage when it came out, despite me not liking it at all. People thought found footage had been done, and done as good as it could have been with The Blair Witch Project. Paranormal activity proved that low budget pictures could still play well with found footage, though it’s almost never used except for horror. Paranormal activity also spawned a slew of unwatchable sequels and pretty much assured us that if found footage hadn’t been played out before, it had now, despite some gems along the way(i.e. Cloverfield and Chronicle).

Unfriended was the chance for someone to revive this tired form with something new, and It didn’t work. I don’t see how the poor editing can be excused, or the mundane plot, or the ridiculous changing shots during the death scenes. If this movie had come out in 2007, then maybe it would have been revolutionary, but it didn’t, so it isn’t. It’s the tragedy of being late to the found footage party.

This idea does have some merits mind you, I’d like to see someone more capable give something similar to Unfriended a try. Let’s hope someone does, and let’s hope that there isn’t a sequel chain to this movie.


Adding Troll Hunter and Lunarpolis to other found footage gems.


Well you would when you see your friend shove his own hand in a blender :laughing:


They greenlit a sequel. I’d much rather have a dead space movie but life loves bad movies


I totally forgot Troll hunter was found footage. Thanks for the additions.


Sigh of course they did.


I wonder since Silent Hills got canceled as a game I wonder if Del Toro could take it on as a film project?

…since we’re on the subject of game to movie adaptations and all.


That would be interesting. Plot for it needs to resemble Silent Hill 2 imo. I wonder if Del Toro has ever done a found footage film.


Honestly if Del Toro tackled just Silent Hill 2’s storyline id be MORE than happy. His creativity would do wonders with the art direction and design of the original monsters anyway.

And no he hasn’t. He’s definitely had a fantastic hand in horror though.

@Hillbilly_Deathlord also adding •REC to that list! (For anyone that hasn’t seen it, the original movie Quarantine is based off of.)


Another great addition I left off. Rec was exceptional. Ironically Rec and Quarantine spawned a bunch of sequels as well. I’m still waiting for Del Toro to finish the Hellboy series while Ron Perlman can still do it, but a Silent Hill film with Del Toro’s touch would be great i’d imagine. The atmosphere is perfect for him to play with.


One can only hope…


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