Unfortunately run into a cheater


Infinite jetpack.He was fighting on the air constantly.


Here is his profile.

It would be good to start banning people.Make them throw 60$ so people will think twice before start cheating again.

Hacker is streaming

Are you sure he was cheating? There’s a bug going that happens when hunters fall out of the dropship but get stuck in midair as they fall out… You can escape it by using your jetpack, then normal gravity applies, but every time after that you fall off a ledge, its like you have 0 gravity until you use your jetpack again.


Community says this game is perfect and there is no cheats at all. Also there’s custom games.


Yeah i know something before i write it.I’m not new in here.This guy has also 3 threads about him.He was even streaming cheating before the twitch closed his channel for violation.


Yeah, I’m sad for you having to play with the guy. I think you can send an e-mail to 2K for them to ban him from online play.


Honor guard, we salute you!

We appreciate that you want to keep Evolve clear of players using cheats, exploits, hacks and/or scams. Or want to inform us about website(s) offering cheats, for Evolve. This is an automated response and in order to process your report, we’ll need the following information from you:

What information do we need from you to report suspicious behavior from players in the game?

-Platform (PS4, XBOX One or PC).
-Player Gamertag /PSN ID/Steam ID which you are reporting.
-Description of the incident in as many details as possible.
-Approximate time/date of the incident.
-If possible, please include concrete evidence, such as a video or a screenshot. Any evidence submitted must show the player’s Gamertag or PSN ID and a clearly-visible offense.
Taking a screenshot or video often involves using an external device (such as a smartphone or screen capture card) to record what is shown on your screen.
The picture or video evidence can then be uploaded and attached to your email. Videos posted on YouTube are also acceptable as long as video link is included in correspondence.

Open new Evolve Request > Feedback Issue > Report Abusive Player

Or E-mail honorguard@2k.com

Please note that in order to respect our privacy policy, we will not be able to communicate the results of our investigations and/or any action taken as a result of that investigation.

2K Support


Other cheats I’ve come across include tracking darts that shoot through walls and I ended up in a match going up against 5 hunters. The 5th hunter had a blue name plate that read “ASSAULT”, looked like a refugee and had assault-like weapons.


The dart one sounds like a cheat…the second thing is actually just a bug, 2 bugs at once actually lol. That was the dupe hunter bug and the Ebonstar Soldier bug.


I was in that match, playing monster. He quickly found me as Abe and stayed on the flight ceiling infinitely. I pressed escape, called for a vote to restart the round, and since everyone saw his cheating, we restarted the round. Some hunters left. I alt-tab the game, go to his twitch.tv and it says “giving away hacks for subscribers” in the title. The round starts again and he does the same thing again, I vote for round restart. It fails, then someone else starts the vote again, and it went on and on for 3 times until Wibaki connected. After the next restart this guy Chabo24 fled the lobby.

If there is a screen video capture app for android, I can upload the replay video.


Please do, if someone has more proof to send in via a ticket that would be great.

The guy is guilty as fuck, I tried to join him and I was like “I’m bringing up fraps, so you better play fair…” He left lol.


How is it even possible that those are bugs? I admit that I am not a pro scripter, but I cannot fathom how that kind of coding error is even possible.

*edit for question mark


Dunno, but they are bugs. Can go look into them if interested.

Going to be patched soon apparently, whenever that may be.


Seriously? It’s only been two weeks.


I bought both PC/PS4 version, and found first cheater (thanks god I was on hunters team) within the first 10 games, currently lvl 5, that’s why I don’t play MP games on PC. you never know what’s behind another person’s keyboard.


That hunter thing is a bug.A player takes control of an EbonStar character.You will see those characters in Evacuation helping you if you won the previous match.

As for the cheats there are very but very few.Its not like cod here.We’ve had like 5-10 people.Banning them and making them waste 60$ is a pretty good idea for me.

I don’t even care i played with one simply because we restarted the round and we just left.I’m just saying it will send a message out there.

Sure go ahead and spend 60$ to cheat.It will basically be a free 60$ gift for the companies.


Please report all instances of hacking/cheating to TRS and 2K with your footage or evidence. Thank you…this issue is very important to the team and will be looked in to.
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