Unfair respawn time (Hunters)


I just lost a match due to the destruction of the power relay due to an unfair respawn time.

We were fighting against Gorgon, only to get killed by Gorgon at stage 3 by luck.

We then got stuck at a respawn time of 1:30 in a match with 2:00 left as we were watching Gorgon destroy the power relay.

It was extremely unfair that we only got down once and got a huge respawn time of 1:30 at stage 3 leaving the monster time enough to eat and destroy the power relay at ease.

We controlled the entire match until then and this was our reward, an extremely unfair and easy win for the monster.


To be certain, the dropship timer got stuck? Like, when the first person died, it never went down?


I’m not sure, I only know that when I died (and I was the last to die) we had a respawn timer of 1:30, only our support was alive.

Gorgon had more than enough time to fully recover his armor and destroy the relay at ease, it was extremely unfair considering none of us had died once yet and we were controlling the entire match, Gorgon only had like 1/2 bars of HP left.


Not trying to incite, but if the monster made it to stage 3 you didn’t control the match at all.

Also, Gorgon is very high on the meta, so he is very tough to beat.


It sounds to me like gorgon was able to gather quite some strikes before finally attacking the relay. How much strikes did each of your hunter team members have?


We were controlling the match, you have no right to deny that when you weren’t there.

If you are able to keep up with a skilled Gorgon to avoid him to reach Stage 3 go ahead.

He was never able to kill any of us and always suffered huge amount of damage before running away (the fact we put up around 4 domes proves it, they went down as soon as they went up due to the damage he was taking).

In order to recover his HP and Armor to avoid losing, he kept evolving.

We totally had the match in our hand, Gorgon is like any other monster, if you have the skill is not that tough to beat.

In this match was extremely unfair and lucky to a bad respawn timer, he didn’t stand a chance.


Only two hunters had one strike (healer and trapper), the rest including me where clean.


In that case, the dropship timer would only be 25s * 2 (for each evolve) + 10s * 2 (for each incap) = 1 minute and 10 seconds dropship timer instead of 1 minute 30

it sounds to me like, or somewhere two strikes were gather, or it is a rare bug but in that case a video of somesort would be best.


Evolving puts more time on the dropship BTW.

But I do agree with Jordan. If it hit Stage 3, then you weren’t controlling anything. If you were in a Hunter-favored area (the Relay) and still lost with only 2 strikes total, then you had zero control.

My only advice - and it’s going to sound really elitist because there’s actually no helpful way to say it - is to better coordinate with your team and make sure you kill the Monster before S3. It’s not easy, and the only thing you can do is practice and play more.

Dropship used to be 2 minutes standard. Only way to lower it was by playing Customs instead of public matches. I’ve found the new timer to be a bit of a blessing, really.


I think it needs to be reminded that the whole point is that:
Stage 1> Hunter favored
Stage 2>Equal
Stage 3>Monster favored.

Pretty much your entire goal as a hunter team is to NOT end it at the relay. The relay is mostly there to avoid hunters splitting up and hiding out to force a time out win, as well as giving the hunters that last benefit, of picking where to fight.


That’s only the case if both sides are of equal skill, which is generally not the case because we have 50k new players and not a single one knows how to operate on a team of Hunters yet.

I’m aware that a relay fight is not a good thing to be forced into, but the topic is about the dropship, not balance versus the different Monster stages.