Unfair penalty system


You wonder why this game has so little players on PC? Here is one reason. The other team playing hunters disconnects cuz they are losing and I get penalized. 120 seconds and 7 points lost. What the hell kinda BS is that! Please fix this crap or I’m uninstalling this.


Devs have said that because there is no way to tell a legitimate DC from a Rage DC to try and preserve Rank, the only option is to penalize all DC’s.


They should penalize the first players that disconnects, that may be one way.


Well if the Hunters DC’d then you should not have lost. The game automatically gives you the win if they all DC’d first.

I’m not sure the way the servers work if what you suggested is possible, otherwise they would have done it I suppose.


I’m not sure what method they used to disconnect, but I definitly lost 7 points and had to wait 120 seconds. I can’t be the only one that has experienced this. I’ve been playing this game since day one and I truly enjoy it, but things like this just ruin the competitive side of it.


This isn’t the case, the game just kicks back to the lobby when a team of hunters abandons a match. As for hunters it (AFAIK) continues on until bot dies or nub hunters die.


I’ve had it happen on PS4 aswell it’s kind of rare though if the opponents DC’s or just rages and you get a loss/time ban/points lost.Generally you get the win but when your situation happens it adds more misery to the game.At this point i really don’t know why they persist with the stupid timer ban when someone backs out because it’s a small player base so making people wait to matchmake longer isn’t helping anyone.


I know people whose game has crashed and have been penalised 1000 seconds.