Unfair monster plays


As much as i love the game and thinks it can go anyways of which team will win! I usually play Hunters but i love playing the monster I think its really unfair when the monster is crawling to cover himself but after he feeds birds come down and give him away! I think if you decresase the crawl time with a cooldown so its easier for hunters to find tracks instead of knowing his location!


I don’t know exactly what you’re trying to say but Carrion Birds can be countered by eating underneath a cave or covering.


Im saying when the monster hasnt been seen for a while duo to sneeking, Carrion birds come down and give the monster away.


No it’s actually a RNG (Random Number Generator). Basically the more you eat the more likely it is to happen. The best way to avoid birds as long as possible is to go for 3 meats only if possible or eat under a cave where they can’t come down.


Well, if the monster keeps sneaking and no birds show up. That means he is either not eating at all, or he is eating in caves.

If he’s not eating at all, he’ll still have low armor and evolve-meter when you do find him


well i have alot barely any birds on me and i eat like 19 meats lol


Yu wat m9???