Unexpected Waggie Buff 🌝

This Waggie buff came outta nowhere, and I’m pleased

I can’t wait to try her and see how good the changes are, but I’m rather busy right now. Can anyone comment whether or not her changes made her a viable damage-dealing support? I’d actually really like to see her excel. I’ve always been a fan of flamethrowing Daisy. ^^


Finally the coolest looking character gets a bit of love


I just played in an AI game, and I couldn’t tell if Waisy was doing damage or not.

Seems like her and Assault would take off, and Papa and I (Babot) were on the ground, and Wags was debating if she should revive us.

I dunno if Daisy will pull weight, because if she dies, then Mags is no better than the other trappers.

actually half of it was expected, the new AI

Well to be fair, the AI aren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed…

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I heard of no Jack buff. Do enlighten me.

I saw her melt about 1.8 bars of health off a monster solo. So it does fair damage if it reaches the monster.