Unexpected Behemoth move mechanic


I found out that, if you tongue grab a tree, Behemoth can ‘fly’ forward a huge distance! I accidentally noticed this when I wanted to see, if I could cut down a tree with Behemoth’s Tongue. Sneaky devs haven’t told us all his mechanics!


I edited your Subject to say Behemoth instead of Goliath.

And now I want to try this.


Oh damn. Thanks for the heads up!


Aprils Fool is real


O_o This is a bug. No way this was intended.

Noe Behemoth flies better than Kraken,…


Behemoth is so much more fun to play against compared to Kraken.

He’s got territory control, sure, but crap is that less annoying compared to Kraken. Wall? Get it. I’ll wait. Then shoot.

Kraken? Well, no idea, gotta rely on Trapper doing his job right Oh, wait, nevermind, pub guy…