Undocumented Goliath change? Patch 8.0.0


As of Patch 8.0.0, Goliath is no longer able begin the climb animation immediately after triggering his flame breath.On previous patches you were able to climb while still breathing fire if you started it right before you began climbing; however, on patch 8.0.0 you are unable to climb UNTIL the flame breath animation has ended.

This was a combo that I enjoyed using as it was efficient and helped me deal with pesky hunters on top of cliffs as well as destroying mines and drones emplaced on them.

My question: Is this an intended change?

This was hard to find, but here is an example of me using flame breath into climbing on the previous patch: [You can see it at 25:15]

Now this is a video I made of me testing fire breath into climbing on Patch 8.0.0: https://youtu.be/KAUIHx3De7s


I think this is part of the not being able to do things until animations are finished change? Would be interesting to see if it’s intended like that as you say.


there’s a bunch of new glitches with goliath. fyi don’t try and use charge after using any other ability as you will just stand there for several seconds and lose the game.


The “animation sync fix” removed the Leap Smash > Rock Throw animation bug but introduced (from what I’ve seen so far):

  • Long delay before you can climb after an ability
  • Charge immediately after a traversal often bugs out, leaving you in a frozen pose nailed to the ground
  • Leap Smash and Charge still get stuck everywhere as often as ever :frowning:

What you mention with climbing happens after every ability and has really crippled his mobility in this patch.

Goliath Charge Glitch

Oh, great. More unannounced changes that have a sever impact on the game. I’m just as interested to hear the answer to Dylan’s question as he is. Can anyone chime in? @Insane_521 @GentlemanSquirl @LordDeath


They’re not unannounced changes, just unforeseen side effects that have a larger negative impact on Goliath than they expected it to.




This is not intended. @TheGuidance found this on cutoff for the patch and we were unable to get a fix in. It will be fixed in the next update.

Goliath Charge Glitch

ok, cool. That’s very good to hear.


Is there going to be a hotfix for the traversal->charge bug ?

That one is pretty nasty.


i noticed that with the fire breath too and im glad itll be fixed. as for leap smash, even before the patch i thought it would hit trees and sticks and stop me dead in my path but with this lastest patch i feel as if it gets stuck even more, not even just against objects but sometimes the goliath will ever so slightly move towards a wall or tree mid leap smash and get stopped and then like said above not be able to do anything for a breif moment :frowning:


So by any chance has this affected Wraith and also caused her to feel sluggish?

I swear after I use any ability or Traversal with her she just sits there for a second or so thinking about attacking then finally does attack after what feels like forever of not attacking.


I really wish monsters didn’t feel like they were filled with feathers xD


I’d noticed this as well and was a bit confused why it no longer worked. I’m glad it’s not intended and is a bug :slight_smile:


It would be cool if monsters had realistic gravity, hearing them slam to the ground would be loud.


They fall in line with real world physics. It just seems that they are falling slowly due to their size.


And this isn’t necessarily the best choice for a videogame… Did you have a point or just wanted to state a fact?

Not to mention if you want to get into the details like this, knocking over trees/twigs/detructable terrain in the game shouldn’t stop you setting your velocity to 0. It should barely even affect you considering the force of a giant monster if they weren’t made of feathers.


Merely stateing a fact.


More clumsy reasons not to play goliath right now.


The speed of falling has to feel real, or else it would look weird…
But to lose momentum, floating sometimes, and not hitting the floor hard when landing is what makes it feel like they don’t have any weight.

With that said, I’m ok with the feeling with Kraken Wraith and Gorgon, but goliath and behemoth should feel heavier and even more brutal