Underwhelming: thy name is Behemoth


As an exclusive monster player, I’d like to share my thoughts on Behemoth after the recent patch. I’m not here to complain about how you can’t win with him, or that he’s massively underpowered and useless. However, the Behemoth faces so many challenges and obstacles that the other 3 don’t, that make him so frustrating to play. First is his traversal: This is so important to a monster players success. Behemoth has no leap/flying abilities, so he can only evade the hunters via the ground roll. This would be fine except he’s the slowest monster in the game. You have it take up so much stamina, it stops in about 6 seconds. Illogically,You make it so that a if a reaver or snail are in the way, the roll stops. Know you think, ok he built to be a tank, so fighting with him is encouraged. This would be fine, except he absolutely melts in combat. Even with full armor and health, one dome can mean the end if your fighting a competent group. He’s so massive you can’t miss him and so slow it’s too easy to evade his attacks. Well, how about you make use of that rock wall? I’d loved to, if it worked properly. It appears with sections missing more often than not sometimes doesn’t even form at all.

As far as suggestions, I think the foundation is solid, but the overall package needs tweaking. Speed up his lava bomb and fissure attacks. Make lava bomb similar to rock throw in terms of accuracy. Either make his traversal last longer or speed up his regular walking animation. Make him absorb more damage to stay in the fight longer. To make it fair, maybe increase his damage resistance a certain percentage based on evolving, like a 10-15% increase each time.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m sure your aware that other people feel the same way. Behemoth needs help, not just to be viable, but to have a fair chance. TRS, I know this DLC model of yours is selling. I have to face Tier 4 hunters every game. Since I got Behemoth free from pre-order, I’m not furious or livid. But when that 5th monster of yours drops, you can bet I’m going to hold off paying that $15 until I know it works right and can compete.


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