Underwater Monsters and Maps Pack DLC


Hey how about having an underwater dlc monsters and maps pack?


Markovs Lightning gun would be environmentally unsafe. The poor fish!!


Haha I imagine this would be terrible to hunters as they are pretty useless in water


I picture Lazarus bobbing, unable to revive anybody. Tyrants would be scary. :open_mouth:


I swear every game gets someone wanting underwater maps. A partially submerged base fuck yah lets get some fishies through the glass but underwater facility wouldn’t work.


MadArtillery is correct as in, how would Goliath swim? even more so how would behemoth be able to swim. Plus they would have to create new animations for swimming. :markov_cute: would kill himself using the lightning gun and there would a few things that wouldn’t be usable like bucket himself and his drones, Crow’s bird, and things toxic grenades, mines.

I agree with wishing games put in more aquatic maps, but there is too much that would be different for what the final game has ended up to be.

Really hope though a game eventually incorporates underwater maps more in the future. If you can’t wait try this game, Depth, shark vs divers


It’s flat out not happening.
A water orientated map would be too favoured towards the Monster up to some depths, and even then, the Monster’s aren’t going to have swimming animations.