Undertale Discussion (Spoiler Warning)


what am I doing with my life…


(Some, uh, swearing v)


Just wanted to say… Flowey is nightmare- inducing.


Yeah but Asriel is melt-my-heart adorable :stuck_out_tongue:


Finding this thread… It fills me with DETERMINATION


Sweet mother of resurrections gunny


I deem this a worthy resurrection! :smiley_cat:


Everyone says that, I mean sure he looks creepy but I’ve never seen the “kill it with fire” side of him


Ever played neutral/flawed pacifist ending? shivers


Pacifist is my fave

Also hi. Haven’t seen you forever and a day xD


Hehe whoops my copy paste didn’t work.


This fan made music video (and definitely not an anime gif this time) is adorable too xD


Oh! Haven’t seen you in forever, either!


I’ve been really busy and Also on discord mostly till recently x3
Trying to come back to the forum moar


Ah. I’ve been super busy, too. That and I’m not good at coming back to soctal places. Haha

But, you know, Undertale. Enough said. xD


He has one…


Seeing Venom again fills you with determination.


Possibly the most hype performance of this song ever:

This guy is one of my favorite streamers. His joy is literally contagious.


Undertale is L.O.V.E. Undertale is life :wink:

I won’t be around much longer I reckon. But I guess I’ll see. Lot of future events coming up for me today!

flexes twice as hard


y’all need more undertale RED