Undertale Discussion (Spoiler Warning)



loljk Those are adorable! <3
BTW, I woudl reccomend this comic to everyone! :smiley: Beware, though: At about the 100th page or so dark humor comes into play. It’s not that bad, but dark all the same.


Double posting because FIGHT ME!

Anyway, I was thinking about Underfell today and Pacifist versus Genocide. Pacifism in Undertale lets you go with relative ease (save for sticky situations like Asgore and Lemonbread). Heck, Alphys guides you through Hotland with as much ease as she could muster. In Genocide, it’s way tougher. Undyne is no longer merciful and Sans isn’t lazy.
So in Underfell, Pacifist is much more difficult. People aren’t as soft as Undertale. They’re the complete opposite so it’s much harder to appease or help people. So would Underfell Genocide be easier? I mean, you’re giving people what they give you: a fight. But the end up weaker than you and you hunt them down. It’s not like they can hide as it’s an every-monster-for-themselves sort of thing, I think. So it’s much easier getting to enemies.

Speaking of all this, Underfell is definitely different than Undertale. But some elements stay the same. These elements are so close that it makes me wonder if Undertale and Underfell are really so different. What do you guys think?



beautiful animation


So much love! It’s a real show. I love it! It’s fits Mettaton like a mettaton shaped hole in a mettaton shaped heart!


it was sooo sad when it showed blooky and him I almost cried


No kidding! The geno ones are the saddest- Mettaton being way up there with Undyne and Paps.



Wait a minute. I had a huge line after that! Where did it go? D:


</3 The geno ones are the saddest- Mettaton being way up there with Undyne and Paps.
This it?

If you do </ together it will hide the sentence


Oh! Shoot! I didn’t even notice that. Thanks!


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