Undertale Discussion (Spoiler Warning)


“for now.”

New game coming, basically. xP FNaF 4 didn’t show it and I’m not counting that RPG bullcrap. Either that or loose end forever.

lol of all the AUs…


Luckily you put that picture down or something might have happened



SEIZURE ALERT!!! lol No kidding.

This was derailed twice.

Third time thispicture was used!!


I’d put the spoiler over it but it just makes it brighter


Oh that’s okay. I know you tried your best…

…and you didn’t fully succeed so…

/loljk don’t kill me


Wow a double edit? Make up your mind!


Sorry! xD I made up my mind this time, really!


I wasn’t going to call you out but then that happened


lol I can’t stop


I-is he melting in the last picture?


I don’t know, to be honest. ._.

But that’s okay. Even if they were melting, it’s nothing a little Nice Cream can’t fix.


I can’t seem to find any more good stuff on the internet :confused:


That stinks. :frowning: (What do you mean by good stuff?)


Cool pictures and fanart and the like.


I have been so inactive recently.



I love Piemations! <3


You edgy bitch. THAT WAS A REAL BOMB!


When my sisters go out to spend the night with friends and leave me at home alone. v.v