Undertale Discussion (Spoiler Warning)


Um, what exactly is that a reference to?

I was hoping someone would revive this thread <3


Been gone for a while. Much disappoint. :frowning: So le’ts keep this thread from UnDYING! :smiley:


To Undertale, at least I’m pretty sure of it


I can’t think of what that would be referencing.


Someone better start a genocide because this thread might be dying…



We just need more Undertale


We must ask ourselves: How much Undertale is enough Undertale?


When I know every single detail about Sans and Papyrus


Point taken. lol I love the Undertale universe. <3


Who doesn’t?


Some people? But honestly, it’s so well developed and deep that it doesn’t matter who doesn’t like it. xD All that matters is that it’s a good story that everyone should enjoy!


I didn’t know anything about Undertale until my sister brought it up. I didn’t want to watch it because it would’ve been another heartbreaking (groundbreaking) game! So then Jacksepticeye, Markiplier played it. Pewdiepie played it who was in my subscriptions. Every “recommended” video was about Undertale. So I ended up giving up and watched it


I only watched it because Jack was playing it. lol I hardly like “those games” so I nearly quit at the beginning. I’m so glad I didn’t. Undertale isn’t one of “those games” at all! <3


I know what your talking about but for others what are “those games” ?


Games that aren’t good in graphics or whatever. I tend to think games that aren’t good in graphics are “newer” (as in some of the earlier games a person made) and aren’t as well developed. I mean, they are new to the business. But I quickly found out that’s not always the case.


Like Five Nights At Freddys?

How Scott Cawthon didn’t really complete anything into it and just released the game?

EDIT: I think The Joy Of Creation REBORN is a way better game than the original


Eeeeeh. Scott put some work into it. I mean, he did create a fascinating story and a whole new way to look at horror. The Joy of Creation is REALLY good, though. Just different and good in it’s own category. Comparing a free roaming to whatever category FNaF goes into is like comparing an apple to an orange: They’re both fruit and they both grow on trees but they’re not the same. I liked the first, third, and forth FNaF game, to be honest. I’m not in the fandom anymore (thanks to the people, mostly) and I’ve never played the game, but I still like those games.


I don’t think I agree with that. It only added more questions and only put less answers

Who’s Purple Guy
What’s in the locked box
Why are we in a different room in FNAF 4
Why is Chica’s cupcake gone in FNAF 2
What is Golden Freddy
I could keep going on and on

I can agree with this part

Best analogy ever


It created a lot of questions, yes. I disagree with the fact that not all of them were answered. But I’m pretty sure he just made it to be something people can think about and theorize.

-Purple Guy is a security guard. He used to be a night-guard before being transferred to the day guard.
-I forgot about the box. But no one knows what’s inside. I was sort of hoping he’d reveal that but he didn’t.
-In FNaF 2, Chica had been dismantled, remember? Her cupcake arm was taken completely off.
-In FNaF 4, we play as the dying child who’d gotten his skull crushed by Freddy. He was experiencing nightmares. He dreamed he was back in his room but scary robots were stalking through his house and trying to kill him.
-Golden Freddy was destroyed after “malfunctioning” and slaying the child. However, the robot still invited the child to cling to Earth by possessing the suit. When the suit was destroyed, the soul stayed. When the soul stayed, it stayed in the same form as Golden Freddy.

<3 I love analogies.


Okay then :confused: