Undertale Discussion (Spoiler Warning)



I love that picture so darn much. <3

How about no?





I think these are new but I have no idea


Babysitting is lots of fun.
I don’t think this was posted here.

Prepare for a lot of Undyne. xD


I felt that way sortof before with other things


Is it “Ch - are - ah” or : Car - ah" ?


It’s pronounced either way. It’s basically up to the reader’s preference. I pronounce their name “Ch-ar-ah”


I’ve always heard it said as Car-a, but it’s supposed to be the embodiment of your character in every game, so I think Care-uh would work as well.


I have always said it like “Ch - are - ah”, but I’ve heard it both ways. Like the gender ambiguity thing, I don’t think it matters too much :smiley_cat:


Okay thank you! ^.^

I’ve always said is as Ch - ar - a but heard it pronounced in a different way when watching Undertale Comic Dubs



I don’t understand :?


It’s a knock-knock joke. Whenever someone says “knock-knock” you are supposed to say “Who’s there?” and they can make their joke. But Frisk said “come in” instead. Now Sans doesn’t know what to do!


Oh! hehe :smile: It’s funny now :stuck_out_tongue:



loooool Some of the panels are invisible, so you’ll have to click on them. v.v

oh and this.


Liked because… well, Oreo.


Knew it~ lol Oreos are good.


Played Minecraft the other day. They made a reference