Undertale Discussion (Spoiler Warning)


I’m always here, don’t worry. I just don’t have much to further a conversation that’s on topic. So I just sit back and watch.


I just know I am going to mess up and upload something that’s already been posted, but oh well.


Nope, still new. Keep at it! I love seeing these (especially because I can’t seem to find any myself :confused:).


I spend a lot of time on DeviantArt, Pinterest, Google Images, etc. haha. If you have any specific characters you would like to see art of let me know and I’ll try to find something cool


Sans and/or Asriel would be awesome if you can find some! :smiley_cat:

Whenever I try to look up stuff like that I come across some rather, ahem, unsettling results. :stuck_out_tongue:


I come across results that should not be named when looking up Toriel. :frowning:


Yeah… I have to dig through a lot of trash art. There’s also a lot of NSFW stuff, but I don’t mind

As for Asriel, I have a ton, seeing as he’s my favorite. I would need a bit to find some good sans stuff though.

Also. I have other pictures that are amazing, but they are too big for the forums.




This picture is Asriel as it gets.


That was quick!

Holy crap these are so amazing I feel even fainter than at that cosplay meetup :sweat_smile:




Aren’t they? I admire the shit out of artists. These are just the ones I’ve downloaded, which is why I can get them to you so quickly.


Here’s a few of Toriel so you don’t have to dig through the NSFW stuff


Those are great! Although I’ll never understand why Toriel, who is a clearly defined mother figure and tu-toriel character, attracts so much NSFW attention :sweat: Guess that’s just the internet in a nutshell.


<3 Tori is one of the best, in my opinion, and most tragic. Too bad she’s attracted so many sickos.


Well that’s exactly why she gets so much erotic attention.


There’s nothing wrong with having a fetish.


Sure, except if it’s… that. :stuck_out_tongue: