Undertale Discussion (Spoiler Warning)


._. whoa…

What about Undyne? (Isn’t she, like, the most human of us all? ._.)


Hell yes.

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Oh and:




Noice! Hehe Undyne is the best. <3


I gotta disagree. I mean, I love Undyne but goatbro is tops.


Goatbro is cool. But Undyne is amazing.

Undyne really reminds me a lot of Kryzeeoni, one of my favorite characters that I made. She’s strong, stubborn, will do anything and everything to protect the people that she loves, hasn’t quite admitted she like a certain someone (in the beginning, of course), and though she can be rough, she can be quite gentle when she needs to be. One of the differences is that Kryzeeoni hates cooking and rarely ever does it. Haha


I’ll agree to disagree :stuck_out_tongue: Asriel is a loving soul with a darkness to him that makes him interesting while at the same time compelling me to just give him a big hug. He’s lived the life of a god for a long time, and there’s a certain complexity that comes with that. When he was a child, he grew up in a world without hope of a future, but still managed to be pleasant and kind despite that. Then his sibling and best friend killed themself, and even when he lost the ability to feel emotions, he refused to do harm to the people who had taken so much. Even after turning into a flower and gaining the ability to save/load, he kept to himself and worked from the shadows to make a perfect world for everyone else.

Eventually he became bored and sadistic, but you could argue that was only because he knew that nothing mattered because he could reset. And when Frisk brought Asriel back, instead of becoming angry or complaining about his own situation, he urged them to forget and take care of his family. There’s a duality to him that I really connect with.




Sans is also top tier, for sure


Another Black MIDI, this one more recent. I really like it, especially b/c I like the track a lot.


Lol, I just saw Undyne’s date. She’s not a very good cook. XD


No kidding :smiley_cat: For the third time in this thread:


What are you talking about? She’s an amazing cook!
Better than my father, anyway…



That particular picture makes me melt every time I see it. She’s just adorable haha


IGN 10/10 best Undyne picture, would post again.

The Undyne friendship sequence is IMO the most hilarious thing in the game. The way Papyrus dives out of the window, how Undyne picks up Frisk and just jumps around the room… made my day the first time I saw it.


Ditto on tat! Undyne is just so animated. She’s never still. Haha