Undertale Discussion (Spoiler Warning)


I picked up Undertale a while ago, but I only got around to actually playing it like a week ago. I recently finished the ‘True Pacifist’ ending, and I still feel a little broken inside; knowing that I couldn’t actually save Asriel. All his patience and love and good intentions, and he ends up with one of the shittiest endings I’ve seen.

He grew up in a world with no real hope for a future, his foster sibling committed suicide, and upon returning their body to the surface, he was attacked mercilessly over a misunderstanding. And even then, when there was a trained hatred of humans among monsters and he had the power to annihilate them, he restrained. He held back and died for doing so. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, he was stripped of his emotions and resigned to an eternity of replaying through the same timeline again and again. He went from this loving young boy to the definition of a sociopath. That in itself is really saddening to me.

And when you finally beat the game and restore his soul, it’s only temporary. He suddenly feels a flood of emotion that is made more intense by the complete absence of feeling, and you can tell it tears him apart because he knows what he’s done, but now he feels it, too. He goes back to being that scared, vulnerable child just long enough to realize that his sibling is dead and to feel the immense guilt for the things he’s done. He gets to be a person again for all of five pain-filled minutes, and then goes back to being emotionless. But this time, he has no powers and an eternity alone to look forward to. That’s not a happy ending.


I was actually gonna make this topic myself, but it seemed like no one wanted to talk about it somehow.

The game is great. Pacifist ending made me cry. Only 3 games ever have done that.


@LorenTheGinger Get your butt in here!!! [Note: We have not bought it]

Although when I started out I wanted to kill everyone (Which I did go through) I actually still felt broken inside. It’s like Toby didn’t want any happiness to come out of it for both endings, but man did he create a great storyline


Wow, I’ve only done 1 of that now I think about it. It was the Bad ending to Infamous 2

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Probably because everywhere UT is even remotely mentioned the person is immediately shamed for being a fanboy.


I am Undertale trash. No shame here.


I couldn’t do the genocide or murder route. The whole concept of the game is that it’s… kinda not a game unless you make it one. Which is the whole thing with Chara. Chara isn’t evil unless you deliberately choose to brutally murder everything down to an obsessive degree, and at that point you’re no longer Frisk, the person. You become the… ghost, of sorts, of Chara. An embodiment of the choice to treat it like it doesn’t matter because it’s a game. That is especially hammered in at the end of the true pacifist ending, when Asriel, now Flowey, asks you to just let the characters have closure.


I understand why people don’t want to do a genocide run, but if you haven’t I highly recommend that you do. It’s a whole third of the game that you’re missing, and it’s worth it just for the two boss fights that IMO are the best in the game.


I looked up all the lore and such that I was missing. I just can’t bring myself to treat these characters like they are things to be toyed with or obstacles in the way of my curiosity, you know? It’s weird, I’ve never felt like that about a game before.

Oh, and speaking of Boss fights. Are you aware that Sans and Papyrus have a lot of identical attacks, but Papyrus slows them down to make it easy on you?


I absolutely know what you mean. A significant portion of the Undertale community feels this way; I don’t blame you. As you can see from my forum icon, though, I’m perfectly willing to do a Genocide run if it means I get to experience one of the most insanely fun and intense boss fights I’ve ever seen in a video game.

People enjoy the game for different reasons. The gameplay is a major factor for me along with the story, and the best sections of gameplay (IMO) just happen to be on the Genocide route.

And yeah, I thought that was a really cool thing. Makes the world feel more connected.


Yeah, definitely. I actually started the game with an intention to do an eventual Genocide Route to battle Sans, but somewhere along the way I realized I just couldn’t do it. I still haven’t touched the game, aside from opening it back up every now and then to check on Flowey. It really hurts that I had to leave things like that. I hope that when the hard mode is finished there is a perfect ending where you can save him, too.


Have you guys read the Handplates fancomics by Zarla-s?


Never heard of that. I’m not much into the fanmade stuff.


Neither am I, to be honest. I’m actually really skeptical of the Overtale game that’s coming. But the comics I mentioned are actually pretty good. I think they have a basis in canon lore and such, but I’m not 100% certain on that. They go over Sans and Papyrus’ creation and stuff with W.D Gaster


As far as I can tell Gaster is barely canon. There’s really not enough about him in the game to draw any concrete conclusions about Sans’ and Papyrus’ origins. Sound interesting though. Might have a look later.


Yeah, it’s definitely a whole lot of inferences and interpretations but overall it’s a pretty neat story. It’s fairly dark though, as a warning.


Who are your favorite characters? Mine would have to be Asriel, hands down. Though I also love Undyne the Badass and goatmom


Sans, obviously. Mettaton is also pretty great.

Oh, and the Mad Dummy :smiley_cat:


I like Sans a lot, for sure. He always manages to make me smile. I dunno about Mettaton though. I mean he’s funny, but he’s so self-centered, it’s kinda hard to relate to him, you know? And I was really not expecting mad dummy lol


Mettaton is great in almost every way to me. His constant dry sarcasm goes with Alphys’ nervousness really well and it made all of Hotlands absolutely hilarious for me. Then there’s the boss fight which introduces a super cool mechanic with the yellow SOUL, has constant hilarious dialogue and captions, and has one of my favorite tracks in the entire OST. As a character he’s a really cool idea, and I personally enjoyed all of his screen time a lot.

Also, I can’t help but notice that we’re the only two in this thread right now XD

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