Under water maps? I vote yes


k here is the deal. I think that Evolve should eventually come out with an under water map and here is my thoughts and ideas that some of u guys could do.
Hunters— Have a space suit looking thing that looks stylish and straight up awesome. Movement is done by compressed gas and boosts cost more gas. Gas will recharge when normal moving similar to the base game mechanics. The hunters have to defend a oil pipeline once the monster reaches stage 3. Hunters will be able to use the same guns but maybe with different textures. The tracker can use a miniature bomb that will explode and release a large net similar to the base game.

Monsters— So im thinking that turtle rock studios will have to release a new monster with this so something similar to a leviathan. https://www.google.ca/search?q=leviathan&rlz=1C1CHFX_enCA598CA598&espv=2&biw=1680&bih=925&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=k3LOVOV6kbTIBMqWgIgB&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ. just some pictures. Abilities could be a massive push of water that would send hunters back or a miny whirl pool to trap hunters and confuse them for e brief second. cant think of anything else so u guys think of something.

Maps— The map would have to be in a underwater cavern with maybe a few big open spaces to move around but not to many as that would o to the monster advantage. It just cant be like and open ocean.

I just wanted to share my thoughts of what i would like to see in evolve a couple of months later. (Take your time devs). I would be glad to her any opinions on this and see if you guys think the same or even ideas for different maps. Maybe lava creature???


I think it has been discussed and said it can not be done


can u leave me a link to it?


Need to search the forums.Try the search bar on the top right corner for water maps.I think they said it can not be done for some reasons


Considering that every single game’s most universally reviled sections are the underwater sections ( except for games that have it as a central focus of course ), I don’t think it’d be a great idea. Too much that you’d have to change and adapt for it, and I don’t reaaaally think it’s necessary. How would the colony be significantly threatened by a sea creature?


like i said and underwater oil pipeline that a colony get a lot of energy from something like that


It seems very unlikely to happen due to the amount of work that will have to go into making what is essentially a whole other version of the game. Devs have said it’s a no due to technical limitations.


You’d have to change nearly everything in the game for underwater maps to work, but I think it would be fun.


How would hydes flamethrower, and market’s arc welder work? That being said I’d be more for an underground map but then orbital barrage wouldn’t make much sense.


Here’s a list of everything I’ve found that is a major component of the game that would not work in an underwater map…

Flamethrower, Lightning Gun, Daisy, the new trappers bird, every single Kraken attack, Goliath’s Fire Breath, Behemoth’s Lava Bomb, every Gun, possibly every healing device, Markov AND Bucket, possibly the Damage Amp, leaping, rolling, flying, Jetpacks, possibly every single Wraith attack and ability, BREATHING, Power Relays, every Evac map bonuses, colonists in Rescue, Eggs in Nest, and the Generators in Defend…


While a neat idea, it wouldnt work simply because NONE of the monsters would survive underneath the water…
Besides other issues.


I like this post 1000 times. Oh so funny, and needed to be said.

OP must have been in the Naivey.


At the very best, we could get a monster that utilizes the water element (Like Goliath, Kraken, and Behemoth use Fire, Lightning, and Earth respectively) that can somehow use a field of water, ala supernova, to swim about and drown hunter in.

But I find that very unlikely, water is typically seen as a weak power when used offensively.


What if it could superheat the water though? Scalding hot water blasts… That could be interesting…

An example of a creature that utilizes scalding hot water is the “Scauldron” from HTTYD. It takes in water like a pelican and then boils it in it’s cauldron like stomach. It then blasts it outwards with extreme pressure. Kind of like a fire hose that blasts out heated water.


I’ll try and find the post but the devs have said that they’re unlikely to do a underwater level since (among other things) it wouldnt be able to work for all the monsters, I imagine that they would have to make a new monster for the maps, and this would go against their policy of not splitting the community as only players with that monster could use the maps


what about something conceptually similar to Rapture?


Well, if it wasn’t made of glass and was made massive and was made so the drop ship could send in hunters and if it had wildlife and climbable areas and if it had tons of open areas and if it had birds than yeah, it could work.


I don’t know why people keep bringing this up. They would have to literally redesign the entire game. It’s never going to happen.


GG Hank and Cabot’s Orbital skills are useless because it’s underwater.


naw dude just make it an under water bio-dome and the drop ship is a submarine and make it a submarine bombardment/ taging