Undefeated Top Ranked Kraken Offers Tips


The 14th ranked Kraken uploaded a video with some helpful tips for those wanting to play as the Kraken

Kraken Tips & Tricks

Need Kraken tips

Let me offer you a tip.

Just because they were on the top of the leader boards doesn’t imply they were good.
Leader boards only ranked # of wins. This implies the only thing the leader boards determined was who played the most of each.

I saw some of “the top” leader board spots in action and it made me sick.


ermmm i’m not sharing any tips rofl


Top ranked != rank 14.

Also, as great as these tip videos may seem. Most teams and players offered no challenge to competent monster players during the alphas or beta. Many of us had monster records of 100+ matches with no losses, myself included. However that does not make any of us particularly spectacular players.

So maybe we shouldn’t advertise using those ranks or statistics yet. Plus, there are better ways to promote your own youtube videos than making unique threads on the forum. That will frustrate the regulars. Wait until the player base has experience and you can prove yourself against coordinated teams.

That said, good luck to you and I hope you can manage a good viewership in the future.


Yeah… It’s like these top leaderboards people were actually that good. I know I’m a better Laz than most people out there, but I wasn’t even in top50 simply because of time.


The tip about the glitch where you can traverse half of the map by hitting the button while facing a wall was new to me.


Exploits in a months old build are likely no longer relevant. Wouldn’t count on this working on release.


I hope you are right. But if not I will probably exploit that.


i did it on accident and couldnt figure out how it happened. i found it more annoying then helpful.


It is really only annoying if you accidentally do it mid fight


I was really taken aback by this video…

Most of this isn’t the player being really good, it’s the other team sucking. I can’t tell you how many times in this video I saw the how the fight was going and thought to myself:

" Three-Four months down the line, this guy’s in for a world of hurt when he fight people who know what their doing"

That being said, other times he did phenomenally and he rose some excellent points.

I think the turrets in defend mode need to be a bigger focus, 90% of the time the monster ignores them and that’s how he steam rolls. I think the survivors in defend should have to be raised or killed, and not killed just by laying around.

Unsure how to feel about this dude, he seemed like a cool guy but so much of his victories just looked like the other team had no idea what the hell they were doing.


Yeah, though only like 4 matches of 32 were shown. And it wasn’t really a demonstration of skill, so much as tips with some visual aids.
The last clip does illustrate some of that skill.

Survivor does need to be tweaked. I played with 3 friends vs an A.I. Monster. The computer won with such ease. Maybe if the drop ship arrived earlier?

The egg missions are quite balanced.


I can’t wait to start sharing my tips. Number 1 Hank during the Evolve Press Release version.


If as a team of 4 you can’t beat an AI monster then no offense, but you just need to get better… The bots in this game are awful, really. Their aim is usually on point but their behaviour is woeful.


No one is even on your lvl, there’s just no one else even close.

I look forward to seeing how to play as hank, he is my favorite support class


Did you fight AI monsters in a survival match? The survivors are the really stupid computers. They just run at the monster instead of away.


Hunters need absolutely no help, I assure you that. If you believe they do I encourage you to go watch maniacsquirrell on twitch. He’s one of the devs and his hunter squads are so good at tracking down and systematically dismantling monsters that you can tell it will take an entirely different type of monster brain to effectively counter and combat them.


i’m #20 ranked and i can tell you kraken is no skill if you just spam vortex and ls

rank means nothing i litterally spent all my time in beta trolling hunters as kraken


You’re right.At Stage 2 Kraken i feel stronger than any other monster.

But when we start playing against good hunters its going to be bad.If they get us at stage 1 we’re fcked.Kraken has the least mobility inside a dome compared to Goliath and Wraith.That’s his weakness


its so hard to get domed as wraith and kraken though

wraith especially. you can warp blast and warp consecutively and that gets you out of the radius