*Undefeated Monsters*/ Play against randoms only monsters


Sick and tired of these two type of monster players, when me and my team are trying to get some nice exciting games of evolve the undefeated monsters back out because they dont want to chance losing a game, and play against randoms only type of monsters rage quit when getting destroyed.

Im seeing this happen too much lately and this is going to take a toll on players, because we dont want to play against AI’s, yes we get a few exciting games, my team played FormationHD a top goliath player supposedly and beat him, but they enjoyed it and it was an exciting game, other then that everyone else cowers, the only good monster player i know on ps4 is probably appsmoker.

As a fellow monster player i would like to tell you guys stop rage quiting and leaving before matches start when you see a team, dont you want to get better at the game? Believe me pub stomping randoms and spamming wins to be a top ranker isnt going to give you the same good feeling as actually improving your monster play and beating a good team.

Anyone else having this problem?


Are you sure they’re not hunter players that don’t want to play monster but since you guys are a team they only get monster, and then they quit, since it isn’t fun for them…


Obviously you haven’t played me :wink:. I’m a good monster and I certainly don’t cower. PSN B-Wood3235

Edit: there are also many good monsters on ps4 besides appsmoker and myself. Under_shade, @Plaff, and @michigan_ball to name a few.


I never back out of games, I do get agrravated when I drop in as a monster in the run with half health. But I just turn and FIGHT TO THE LAST!!!


I’ve been digressing as a monster player recently but I consider myself to be pretty good when I really put my mind to it and wouldn’t mind playing your team if you want. I’m sure I’ve played against you before as your name seems familiar and we do have mutual friends. I just sent you a friend request.


:cry:I I I’m a good monster on ps​:sob:


Hey my PSN is Creation_Chaos I like to think I am pretty good monster send me an invite sometime. I love to play against challenging teams.

@B_Wood3235 are you in a team because I think I played against them one day on a stream they was having, I ended up winning with a 1/4 bar of health and 2 bars of armor as Wraith was a terrifying game. :slight_smile:


Quit your crying, hunters do it too. in fact I’ve had a whole team of hunters quit because I didn’t want to vote with them to restart the match… At least when the monster quits you can still play, when all the hunters quit the game ends.


I’m not a regular hunter but your name does sound familiar. Do you remember any of the other hunters psn’s?


Jayrob2k7 was the person streaming


Lol, I wouldn’t know, don’t think I’ve ever seen you before.


Haha yep definitely, you played a good game.


It was scary, your team made one mistake at the end which I took advantage of but if they hadn’t I would have died for sure.


Yeah, perhaps we should rematch some time.


Would love too.


Cool, they’ll probably be on tomorrow, so we can do it then


I’ve seen more hunters quit than monsters, myself, but perhaps that’s because I’m a monster player mainly and there are four hunters that can quit all together. I know I made 3/4 of a team quit one game because of how easy it is to fight at stage 1 with behemoth.


I personally feel like I’m a good monster (goliath anyway) and I never back out, give up, or quit. That’s why I have so many deaths. If I am going to be beaten I don’t quit because if it. I take it like a champ.

My PSN is CptBoomBoom.


yes finally someone who wants to play, ill be sure to add you so when we are all on playing we could have a game or two.


thats what i like to hear because many top goliaths just rage quit.