Unconventional hunters


We need a full tier of unconventionals
Glass cannon assault
Tank medic
Extremely visible distraction support to draw monster attention and extremely sneaky trapper who can hide in domes.


Well fuck.

This is a first for me…
Anyone else?

Soooooo many things wrong…can’t calculate :smile:


All of those things sound feasible, if not game breaking.


Pretty much just switching strengths around


What Torvald is meant to be

Slim can somewhat do this since he has the best self heal

Buckets sentries are distracting as hell with their screeching and red lights.

No. This is what a supports cloak is for, any more solo cloakers (Laz is special cuz hes meant to be stealth reviver) and itd just turn into a “find the ghost” simulator



That self healing though


Cairas self heal is pathetic tbh


Self healing + Shielding…


Sucks like heck seeing a medic tank.


I dont mean cloak trapper, like a timed scent masker, 10 secs of scent masking with a cooldown, and maybe beartraps a quick stun that does damage, basically he/shes visible but you actually have to look for the trapper instead of just the bar and outline
And support i mean bright lights and fire and shit, a showboat support who you have to pay attention to they are so bright
And tankmedic i mean heavy medic who like drains more heath the closer he is to the monster and takes more damage by nature, not by outhealing
Glass cannon assault, either long range or quick mele


That falls apart when you consider team comp. Combine Tank Medic with Hank/Sunny and you have a team that never dies. Combine-

-with basic cloak or SLim’s cloud and trapper CC and you have a problem.

So on, so forth.


I hope they do something unique with the other class abilities. Laz has his quick heal burst, and Slim’s works on its own way, with a new radius. Val’s heals her extra.

I want a Trapper with a smaller dome. Can you imagine the insanity? I’m sure lots of people will say this is a dumb idea, and unbalanced, so balance it!!! Let the dome only be a tad smaller, may we take a third of the size off, but have it only last 45 seconds. It would be harder for the trapper to successfully dome a monster, but with coordination could have a big pay off.

Maybe an assault who’s personal shield wasn’t a ball around him, but a smal flat force field in front of him, teammates could stand behind, but that made him vulnerable from the back? Melee assault anyone? :smiley: