Uncle Hank losing his magic touch?


Hey guys, I have been playing as Ori. Hank since the latest patch and I have noticed that his shield is not as strong as before.
Is it me or the Shield Projector requires a change in perks/playstyle?


How far back have you been playing Hank? I’ve been trying my best to get TRS to delete him, but the nerfs should suffice.


Well, he did get an overall nerf in the last patch so not really sure what you expected lol. I think Hank’s still viable, but you just have to push harder for that extra protection (basically, play better. Which is what the devs would’ve wanted.)
Some of the usual perks got a nerf too but I’m not so sure about which ones since a lot of nerfs/buffs have happened with each update. I’m just hoping they find the balance soon.


Alright thanks guys!
Looks like the medics have to improve their dodge.


Hank made me smile at every victory, now i want to kms since he isnt as good as he was before yesterdays patch, theyre probably gonna keep nerfing him until he is no longer viable since he was an op character when played wih a good medic.


Mhm, which annoys me because everyone’s OP when played with a good hunter :tired_face:


Yes, tiny nerfs = likely going to make the character useless


what i mean is that overtime they are gonna keep nerfing him like they have with hunters like lennox, he wont be rendered complpetely useless as that was obvious hyperbole, ut he will become weaker and weaker to the point were you will need a very skilled player to make the most of him


u a monster player?


They have basically reduced the shield projector’s capacity, by 30. You just have to wait till the last second before you use it on a team mate now, not much room for error. Also, the shield burst has been nerfed a bit.


That’s exactly what I’m saying. You saw a tiny nerf to an over the top character and jump to the conclusion they will make him useless. Also, Lennox is nowhere near weak or even difficult to use. There are very few truly underpowered hunters left.


With the kind of NERF BAT BEATDOWN, he’s been getting lately :sob: I don’t know how much can he take it. :fearful:


Until he is unable to be called OP since the nerf is taken based from the performance of pro players using hank + slim combo…

poor hank…


I disagree.

Hank’s utility as a support only works if he’s alive to shield. A nerf to his shielding would be sufficient perhaps, if they believe he’s able to shield too well… but instead, they nerf the ability for him to survive. Hank’s already the single biggest target in stage 2 (since trappers no longer need to be killed to drop the dome), which causes this windfall effect on Hank, where if there’s a Hank on the team, it doesn’t make any sense to target anyone else, at all, ever. On top of that, there have already been nerfs to things that help him survive - tinkerbell builds, stasis effects from trappers, nerfs to capacity that limit Caira’s viability, nerfs to Rogue Val, and any number of additional changes made). None of these changes happen in a vacuum.

I don’t know, if you’re still having trouble with Hank, as monster, that might be something you just need practice on. Hank’s self-sustain is pretty terrible now, and because he’s such a huge target in every group (and having Hank precludes things like damage amp or armor reducer from other supports, obviously), the “punish” of damage for taking him out is still usually worth the incap you can almost always get from killing him off early.

So I don’t know, I read things like that first reply to this post

and think it’s pretttyy silly.


Hank is not the way to go anymore, the only setup which still works is a damage-comp.

You need a Cabot in the Team and a medic with good self-sustain. Where is the point to survive 10 seconds longer because of hanks shield but doing no damage.



Cabot is probably “the” pick right now because the damage comp seems to be the way to go.

The game is really suffering from balance patches that make no sense, in my opinion. For instance, with the dome rules from stage 2, monsters like Behemoth and Goliath have a huge advantage because they have more armor. It takes a lot longer for hunters to chip through the armor for those characters (especially agile Goliath players, as opposed to Behemoth who is a sitting target often), which gives monsters a longer window of time to beat on hunters and possibly get an incap. The longer the dome, the greater the chance for an incap if the hunters can’t dodge and mitigate enough damage, and that risk increases as jetpack fuel dwindles, and reload on weapons and skills accumulate. On top of that, consider DR triple stacked on Goliath and Behemoth - it takes absolutely forever to get through to health damage with certain comps, and that’s a whole lot of time for the monster to force hunters to use up abilities and die.

But I’m not sure that the process for balance changes is really sensitive (or, pardon me, smart enough) to really identify those things as even variables in this overall equation. Instead, it’s things like watching nDG and DDs play, watching streams, nad playing the game and “feeling it” out that are listed as reasons for changes. I don’t know, maybe I’m a super critical person about it because I do data analysis for a living, but I’m not sure the process is as robust as it should be to actually fix the issues.

But anyway, back to the topic… Cabot does seem the most viable, particularly with Lazarus, for a high burst damage, then recovery. Changes to the dropship neuter Lazarus to some degree (it’s basically impossible to get a revive on the first incap with a 10-second timer early game, unless the monster isn’t camping for some reason), but Laz does help a lot for a Cabot comp if the Laz player knows how to stay out of dome, dodge, and time skills and the revive well.


Come on now -.- They nerfed the shield projector and his shield burst by 30 fucking points. That’s literally one third of an unbuffed light melee. Are you seriously going to sit here and argue that one third of a light melee makes any sort of impact to his survivability, or on the protection of teammates? Particularly when it’s only really useful if you use it specifically to block heavy abilities that far outweigh that puny amount? That’s like owning a swimming pool and crying that someone took a cup of water out of it.

I guarantee you he’s going to get another nerf next patch, because a character that has a 60% w/l ratio is too strong, and taking 30 fucking points away isn’t going to do anything but chip at that 10% overtune.

As for those “other changes”, those happened weeks ago, and Hank still had far more wins than loses after said changes. They’re completely irrelevant in this argument. Hank is still perfectly viable and a damn strong pick in the right hands, as he has always been.

Also, that smug suggestion that I still have trouble with Hank was completely unwarranted and not at all inferred from what I said. I’d ask you to be a bit more decent and less antagonistic in the future.


I’m not just referring to the latest nerf, though. What I’m saying is that the other changes made also effect Hank - like changes to medics in their ability to heal him, changes to damage to monster, changes to perks, etc. To look at this and say, “That’s 30 points, that’s nothing” is just to repeat the same mistakes I’m talking about in the first place, man. This doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

The “you” didn’t mean you, specifically. My point being that good monsters usually focus Hank down, and it often can work because his self-sustain is minimal.


Thats it!
Against good Monsters we struggle hard with Hank.
My win-rate with Cabot is at the moment higher than with Hank. I really hate Cabot I dont like that Call of Duty mode but its just very effective so we have to play with him, if we want to win.


If they’re going to nerf his shields repeatedly they might as well buff his Laser Cutter and Orbital back up. Especially his Laser since it’s incredibly weak right now.

Last several times I played Hank I got focused every engagement, the majority of my shielding was from my Shield Burst only to try and save my own life. I literally didn’t use my shield projector in a couple matches because I had no opportunity to even use it. It’s usually not until I get two strikes the Monster starts to go after someone else, usually the Medic. The whole pub meta right now is hard focus Support or Medic now.