Uncharted 4 (spoilers allowed)


What’s everyone’s opinion on naughty dogs 4th uncharted, I personally loved it. Though I wanted a little more story just a little, I really wanted to see chole and cutter. All in all the graphics were remarkable and the environments were huge compared to previous games. I really want a 5th one now or some dlc story line.

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Sadly I don’t have a PS4 so I probably won’t play it myself, but I watched someone complete the whole thing yesterday when I was at work. And yes, it looked amazing.

I think they left it at a very good place for the series though for it to be the last one; at least with Drake. Having a kid is a big responsibility and you can’t live that “life of adventure” anymore because raising a child is an adventure all its own.


It’s a little sad but I like that happy ending, though I guessed he would die honestly or fake his own death which I would’ve loved.

Did you think they teased a another one when Sam and victor were talking on the deck.


I was expecting at least some people, where the hell is everyone!!!


Still playing the game…


I said spoilers allowed @shunty don’t ruin it for yourself I would be pissed off.


I really liked it, although drake annoyed me with the lying to elana bit.


They could so do another one honestly IMO.


I loved it. The graphics/animations were outstanding, really set the bar, and the movement of the characters just flowed, like climbing and grapple hooks.
The characters were lovable, a lot more than you see in games today, the jokes in between, they really felt like actual people, and not just fake characters someone designed. It’s rare to see that in some games nowadays.
It stayed exciting, you wanted to know what happened next, if this person would survive, and parts when cliff faces broke off or branches or the fucking car went over the cliff or waterfall, it made me so tense.
Everything was so detailed, as if nothing was brushed aside as if they said “As if anyone will focus on this part”, and nothing seemed as if it was put in to extend gameplay.

Also that soundtrack is just…10/10




The drama raised through the game, finding your brother alive again kinda shocked me a bit, I didn’t think he’d be shown so soon, if they brought him back at all. Seeing how pissed and determined Rafe was on getting his treasure at the party thing, it set up a antagonist that seemed really dangerous and willing to do anything, and the final boss fight was so satisfying, and it all went so smoothly. When Nate lies to his wife, when she catches him, when he gets pissed at Sully, when Nate finds out Sam lied, when Sam goes back, when you think you can’t save him, all that.
A lot of people complain about no one dying and how it’s such a happy ending, which I can agree on, but I really didn’t want to see anyone die, even if it did make a more gripping story, and when you save Sam from the ship, I was so happy…
The ending was satisfying, everyone walked away ok, you see how everyone turned out, their family, Sam and Sully seemed to continue adventuring, you see the picture again of them in the house, it was really nice

But after all, this is only my opinion…


I felt a little empty inside when in the end they just kinda shrug their shoulders and walked away. Kind of goes back and connects with what drake said to Sam on the docks. Also wished cutter and Chloe were brought up tho I miss them.

Still is my favorite series, I just hope we get some story dlc.


With most games, I feel empty inside when they’re over, it’s sad that after all that, it had to end


I absolutely loved this installment. It even left the door open for another game, even though they said it was over. They could possibly make a new storyline in a couple of years by either using his daughter the protagonist or they could even include her in the story.
I’m personally hoping for an entirely new storyline and cast of characters. There is so much left in this world that is unanswered.