Unbeatable Combo

The worst Hunter combo known to man.

Slim + Hank + Jack + Torvald

Any team that knows how to play the game can destroy anything with this combo so easily it isn’t funny. With Slim still being unbalanced as hell IMO and Jack being able to stop anything easily this combo works better than anything, want to know why?

Chase Slim, Hank shields him; Chase Hank, Jack stops you, Chase Jack, Hank shields him and Slim heals.

Hank can orbital and Jack can hold you down like you’re nothing. Torvald can mortar and Jack can do the same thing. There is almost nothing you can do to break this combo when played right.

IMO, Jack is fine but when coupled with this three all of them are so OP it’s not even funny.


Have you tried a Rock throw oriented monster play?

I was playing around with this, too.
Then for Arena I tried that same combo but with Cabot instead for quick damage.
HOOOLY shit son lol it was dirty

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slim is awful garbage now


Sucks too

I’ve killed this comp, and they were silver+ in ranked. I took Behemoth…
Faced a Slim, Sunny, Jack, and Hyde that was harder.

Torvald is ridiculously strong again…Slim’s nerf did absolutely nothing because it’s the gun that’s spammy. Lowering the duration won’t help if you can renew the cloud twice before the first dissipates.

Eh, clouds didn’t bother me. o.O
Never really did, though I know it’s hard for other people.

His damage and seemingly infinite heal burst range is the annoying part. Not to mention having people you kill revive constantly, and you’re forced to camp, or kill Slim.

Torvald himself is very strong, haven’t really faced any competent ones thus far though.


Just pick Kraken.

I would dive into two possible nerfs and see which is the least overall detrimental to his gameplay while still balancing him.

I would make it where 3 full saps(landing all pellets) from the leech gun would be required to recharge the HB instead of 2. This would require even more precise aim while hurting his overall burst potential and heightening the skill ceiling.


Nerf the reload. Simple really but it would a bit awkward to adjust to. His burst potential would be there but a window would present itself when he is reloading but I can’t see his reload touching levels to allow for such a window to open up without it looking like an awkward slow-mo animation. Also his burst potential would still be there and this Nerf would just require his teammates to play around his reload that much more.

I like the first but a combination of both would also be possible at a lower level of each so it wouldn’t be an overall detriment. His burst is in a sense just not required in the levels it is at currently with the new monster balance.

Oh boy here comes the hypothetical scenario fest…

Where my A B C D plan gets thwarted by yer newly thought up X Y J plan

And of course we can’t forget the viscous cycle of…

“If I beat them, then the hunters didn’t play right”

“If they beat me, then they’re op…”


It is in a sense a hypothetical scenario yes but the problem in this comp is someone who doesn’t need the burst he carries anymore and that is Slim.

Making a character who is OP(my opinion) paired with characters that compliment their style only makes it more apparent and obvious.

In the combo I’m speaking of Slim is the main issue. I could have pulled off a win despite being held inside multiple orbitals and mortars but I can’t win if I can’t see and all damage I do is nullified in seconds.

I thought it would of been the unkillable hank, jack combo, not slim himself

Hank + Jack is bad, but not that bad. I can live with being orbital barraged. However if I literally can’t see where I’m going, who I’m fighting, where they are, and if they’re dead or even hurt, and they’re being healed the whole time, I literally can’t win for the life of me.

Don’t rely on smell so much

I honestly ignore the spores because I trust my eyes enough to see out the hunters i have in mind.

It’s less of choosing to rely on it. Monsters have to, they’re huge beasts attacking humans. It’s hard to see something so small while you’re the size of a small house.

Oh no I’m not doubting the usefulness of smell at all. Everyone’s who’s played monster knows it;s importance. But during battle the only usefulness I have for it is smelling for the weakest hunters that’s all.

And it seems everyone’s forgot Slims biggest downfall, his healing.

Even in spores the leech gun gives shows you a very clear green path to follow for Slim, for those who have a hard time seeing him regardless. He also pops heal bursts every couple of seconds, so for those who tend to forget his location, simply head to the center of each heal burst to find your culprit.

And if all else fails, and you truly cannot see those hunters for the life of you (at that point I recommend a better tv, or glasses, or both) simply use one traversal to hop out the spore cloud to have a moments peace to smell out the hunters, then continue from there.

I wouldn’t say ridiculously strong imo. His mortars still take some time to reach the targets he’s shooting at. But the enhanced shrapnel grenade and shotgun feels really nice right now. He feels really good right now all in all tbh

It is true that most threads devolve to that, but OP hunter synergy is something this game has had trouble with from the beginning.

IMO its only a problem when the synergy becomes a crutch that doesn’t require skilled play, but its still worth discussing.