Unbalanced Monsters


Something has to be done about Wraith, Gorgon & Kraken. Those are the most picked Monsters and they are mostly victorious in matches. Only a player that is new to the game has a chance of losing as those Monsters from lack of experience. Wraith is doing too much damage if you consider he is always hitting you because of his speed. Simply you can’t dodge Wraith’s attack. Kraken is very hard to hit since he is always flying and Gorgon has a little bit of everything, too much speed, too much damage and an attack that grabs you.

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Wraith restores armor so fast too… jus t runs away in dome restores to max armor and attacks again. I havent seen any one win a game against wraeith.


You aughta tell this to Source- A world champion monster player. Mind you hes “rusty”, but his “rusty” is better than 99% of the monsters youll ever face.