I want to start off by saying how good it feels to be able to pick up a game on launch day and play it. What seems to have become a rarity with recent games, TurtleRock have nailed!

Yes there will always be tweaks needed to different aspects of ANY game shortly after release whether it be balancing, glitches or bugs etc…

However I have noticed a lot of negativity around the forums towards things that need changing or fixing. Whilst informing the developers of these few issues (on comparison to other games) posting the same topic twenty plus times isn’t going to make them work any faster. It will however flood the forums from information, tactics and so on that is useful to us all…

Its only the fifth day since Evolves release and while I understand that some of us are impatient. I think discussing tactics on how to get around ‘problems’ such as the Wraith (arguably) is a far better option than moaning about it?

I’ve had a blast of a time within the game so far, yeah there’s balancing issues here and there. But I still love it. Let the fixes come learn the games and fight the beast. Don’t become the hunted!