Unbalanced against a team of silver hunters you have no chance


Laz - revived you time and time again even after death AND hes invisible

Maggie - has a dog that sniffs you out so no point even sneaking, hunters dont even have to hunt for you anymore they have a ai controlled dog that does it all for them…

Jack - has a satalite that does all the work for the hunters again tracking you down at the push of a button

Assault is as good as invulnerable then as soon as you break his shield support beams over another invulnarable shield…then turns invisible lol

Games massively favoured for hunters against a team that knows what they are doing you have no chance its so lopsided it takes the fun out the game, shame because it seems a great game good concept and a fresh idea, they just messed up the balance massively i seems


Jack and Maggie can’t be on the same team.

You can juke Daisy and confuse her.
Laz is likely getting updates that may help.

You can burst through the assault shield and there’s no need to worry about additional shields if you take out support early.

There’s always a way around a hunter. :monster:


Nah unless your playing this game alot youl never have a chance, a determining rank players getting set amongst silver players? You dont last 2 minutes until that bastard dog finds you…with its team of elite level hunters that you litterally cant touch, lol i cant even recover health ! Hubters get unlimited amount of revives every minute in that little drop ship and all i can do is replenish what seems to be useless armour ! Nah i stick by my opinion, youd have to be one hardcore player to even get a look in on this game as monster…


You should’ve stated that originally. Of course a newbie (determining rank) against a squad of silver hunters is going to get destroyed. Those silver hunters could literally pick any team comp and destroy a new monster player. That doesn’t mean the game is unbalanced, it means there is a drought of players so it matched you with whatever it could find.

Unfortunately with the low player base numbers, this is what newer players have to deal with in order to play ranked. I’d suggest quick match, as it’s more fun these days anyways.


Rank has nothing to do with how well Daisy tracks, but it’s likely that high level hunters are not really following Daisy.

I’m a pug player, but I still win about 50% of my online games when I go up against hunters of the same skill level.

Also, there’s quick match for a more relaxed experience as noted above.


With enough practice and determination, you can win. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort, though.

But that’s true for a lot of games…


His cloak only lasts 12 seconds. Theres a lot of things you can do here- Down/kill the support first- As killing them negates their cloak. If they use their cloak on themselves as youre focusing them, they cant use it to cloak lazarus later. If they die, even if they get revived, their cloak will be on cooldown- leaving laz a small cloak for himself. ASSUMING he didnt use it to pick up the support in the first place. Which should be tricky with a dead support, because the moment you see laz disappear, you know hes cloaked- and you only need to sit around the body for 12 seconds.

Theres plenty of counters to laz.

Daisys AI is amazingly easily to confuse- theres numerous write ups here on the forums for how to do so. Alternating between normal and sneaking does wonders against her.

And has a 1 minute cooldown. Of all the things to complain about- Most people feel jack has the worst tracking in the game- ESPECIALLY at a high/competitive level.

For brief periods of time.

When their shields up, just avoid them. If support shields them, go for the support. If the support cloaks them, go for someone else- to bait out the support, then go for the support again- Who wont be able to cloak himself very well, seeing as he just used it to save the assault.


I read this in a fairy godmother like tone with your display pic.
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+1 boost to Morale


Daisy is slow, Laz is easily countered in most situations, Jack’s tracking is seriously terrible, and if you don’t like shields, well, just focus Support.


No offense but are you real surprised that people that play the game more or at a higher level should lose to an inexperience player ? It seems perfectly logical that they have better odds of winning then you do. Even if you lose maybe, you should focus more on learning what you can do to win against some of the hunters that give you trouble. Only way to do that more is play the game more :smiley: . Yes, losing suck but we all lose every now and then some more than others. You should check out @GiantChiprel he streams sometimes with quality options and his salt = entertainment :wink:


Sorry bro I’m calling bull turkey on this one I’m a silver expert with a 72% and honestly unless the whole team is silver expert or up. The game is pretty darn even, Once you start facing upper echelon hunters then the game becomes much more hunter balanced. honestly though 70% silvered skilled don’t understand basic feeding routes and a good portion of silvered experts make PLENTY of mistakes


Just to add onto this, so long as you are specific with something you are having difficulty with there are more than enough people on the forums and even streamers who are willing to help you better understand that issue.

As an example, you mention you have a problem with assaults being “indestructible” with their personal shield and any other means of keeping that assault healthy by means of a support+medic. Not going to deny how tough it can be to take someone like this down but you should consider the other options such as kiting/mitigating damage in a dome, backing off after forcing that personal shield as it’s only a temporary health boost or just straight up picking another target to kill like Hank.

Instead of saying its impossible to do this or that or you are forced to do something because “X” exists, ask around. The game has been out a year and some of the people on these forums have stuck around the entire time and chances are they have been in that situation and have figured out the solution, all you have to do is ask. There’s a huge learning curve to Evolve so give it some time man.


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