Unable to unlock characters/emblem/Monsters


I downloaded the pre order Version via steam for PC.
playing it now since two days and it works fine except that i cannot unlock new characters or New Monsters - also unable to use any emblem or Background. When i try to go to the profile page it says “emblem servers not reachable - go to start screen and try again”.
It seems that my game does not connect to the Server where the game progress is saved.
it really sucks because i am stuck with the First characters and cannot progress anyhow!


Unfortunately you’ll need to contact 2K and file a complaint. Maybe there’s something they can help you with over the phone.


Can it be because of dots used in my steam Name?



I assume you mastered each of the abilities for a given character? (1 star for each ability to get the next character)


check your mastery first and make sure you actually fulfilled the unlock condition. If you did, and you don’t have the contact, make a copy of this bug report on 2K’s forums - there is a known bug in their servers right now that is trying to be fixed, and more information can help them do it faster.


Yes i mastered every ability but i cannot choose a new character or monster.
somehow stuck with the first content and no more progression.