Unable to take over bot


I joined into a game on Wrath Trap as monster (the monster was a wraith). The issue was it didn’t let me take over wraith, it didnt even have the press E (im on PC) to control on the screen.

This was after i opened up Evolve again after the game randomly crashed turning a game as behemoth (it just shut it self down, no message afterwards).


This occured for me as well. Bot was a behemoth. I was connected to a session in progress on PS4 and then forced to spectate a Bot monster until I forced the game application to close.

No “press button to control” prompt was visible and I was unable to quit match as no input on my controller had any effect, aside from using the PS Button to force close the app.



The is no real need to link them in, they check all the bug posts just so you know. I could quit from that game (without closing Evolve) on PC but everything else sounds the same


Yeah so this is happening to me right now too, I’ve not unlocked wraith yet and so I assume this is to do with code changed to stop people from being able to use Behemoth without paying for it.

That’s cool and everything, but it’d be good if you didn’t matchmake people who can’t play as those particular monsters in to games where they would have to take them over :wink:


I tell a lie… suddenly it’s given me the option… it didn’t for a good minute at least!


I thought they said origninally that if you join a game and its a character/monster you dont have you can try it out that way


The game does not allow for taking over a bot while it is using an ability and a few other cases. Unfortunately, this usually means that there is a very limited time in which AI Wraith can be taken over, especially if it is in combat. If you encounter this, just wait for the prompt to appear, it eventually will.


Ahhhh ok, that explains it. Thanks for the explanation.


Thanks for the explanation!