Unable to sign into My2K or play ranked matches

I see this every now and then on the forums - it only just started happening the other day, but it’s a bit annoying. Has anyone got a fix for this?

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Hi @JB81

There’s a couple of things I would like you to try.

First, try verifying your game files and afterwards delete your My2K cache within the game’s directory:

If that doesn’t help, I suggest changing your router’s DNS:

If all the above fails, I recommend changing your Steam download region to see if that might help. You might want to try different regions (a couple far away, a couple more close by) to see if it brings any changes.

Hmmm…tried the first one and now the game won’t even start.

Are you getting a black screen?

No, just closes itself

Hmmm, try then to follow the steps mentioned in this Steam article here: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6218-USFX-5568

Eh, I’ll just re-install it. Strange that something so simple is obviously such a common problem…

It’s better to verify your game files again rather than reinstalling. It does practically the same job and you save yourself some time.

Also the issue you have right now might not necessarily be game related, considering that there has been a Steam article created about it (I had it with other games myself).